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Product Review: Church Hill Classics Athletic Framing

When it comes to sports collectibles, I am not one to heavily marvel over an autograph from a superstar.  Instead, I enjoy pictures of athletes and sports landscapes…they truly do tell a thousand words.  There is nothing quite like getting that perfect picture, paying the money to get it nicely framed, and then throwing it up on your wall.  With that thought in mind, the people over at Church Hill Classics have developed a new line of college frames that do the work of taking the excellent pictures for you.  But the best part of the package is the custom frames that add extra flavor to your favorite University’s display.

At, an individual looking for a great wall-piece or an athletic program interested in purchasing in volume will find three different types of frames.  There is the Fanfare Sports Frame, Dynasty Sports Frame, and Legacy Sports Frame. The Fanfare Sports Frame is the most basic and least expensive, option.  It is a 12″x14″ frame with a black moulding and a small school logo below the main picture.  The Dynasty Sports Frame (Dynasty = brilliant name choice!) is a large step up from the Fanfare.  It is much cleaner looking, includes a brief history of the school, has a better quality logo, but has the same type moulding.  It has slightly larger dimensions as well.  My suggestion is to pay the extra money and go for the Legacy Sports Frame and choose the Encore mahogany moulding.  At 17″x29″ it is quite large and honestly, gorgeous.  There are two information panels that may be customized with the school’s athletic program history, summary of a winning season, season stats, fight song, etc.

South CarolinaChurch Hill Classics was nice enough to send me two frames to review: the Fanfare Sports Frame and Legacy Sports Frame.  If they were not so beautiful, I would probably burn them (I was sent one for South Carolina and Louisiana State University…two of UF’s rivals).  The Fanfare Sports Frame (pictured right) dons the crimson and black of South Carolina University.  To be quite honest, I was not as blown away by this particular product as I was by the Legacy.  The frame was of high quality, and is quite beautiful, but sitting next to the Legacy Sports Frame, it gets lost in the shuffle.  Whatever is lacking in the Fanfare Sports Frame is made up, and then some, with‘s Legacy Sports Frame.

LSU frame

Check out the LSU Legacy Sports Frame that I received in the mail (pictured left).  Take a look at the gloss cherry finish and black accents that make the frame stand out in any setting.  As previously noted, I am not an LSU fan, but I can assure you that this item will make a perfect gift to someone who is.  Most NCAA football and basketball programs can be applied to the frame.  I can only imagine how beautiful it would look in orange and blue.

I also prefer the center image in the Legacy Sports Frame over that of the Fanfare, but those images are entirely customizable by the purchasing customer.  Instead of a stadium, you have the option of inserting a player photo, game tickets, pieces of uniforms, etc.  It truly is a gift that lasts forever.

You can feel confident when purchasing from  The website is a subsidiary of, which is the leading producer of diploma frames and has been in business for over seventeen years.  Some reasons to purchase an athletic frame are, as a player gift, MVP gift, donor gift, coach award, sports banquet item, and stadium concession product.  If you decide to purchase one, go ahead and take a picture of it and link to it in the comments section.

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By Darren Heitner

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