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European Summer

It feels like basketball never leaves. With the NBA finals wrapping up just over a month ago, the Summer Leagues are in full swing. Whilst not every team competes in Vegas, it gives the teams an opportunity to work out who they drafted, and also a few other players who dream of playing in the NBA. But there is a harsh reality to this league and others.

Most of the players playing will not be on their team rosters for next season. So what happens to them? Enter The Summer League Reality. Despite many of the players already knowing before they go that there is a minimal chance they will be signed, they still participate. Why? Because it may garner them a contract in other leagues around the world, most notably, Europe.

Managers and scouts from the best leagues around the world attend Summer League games, hoping to snare the signature of talented players who just can’t make it at NBA level.

Josh ChildressIt is obvious that they are working their hardest whilst at a team, but they should not despair if they are not selected. A good performance in the Summer League can mean a significant difference in money, as the article suggests. A player should not discount playing professionally overseas, as he can still make a small fortune. As reported numerous times on this site and others, the salaries being paid in Europe may mean a player will make more money in Europe than the NBA.

Let’s take the example of Atlanta forward, Josh Childress (pictured right). According to Hoopshype, he would have been due to make just under $5m next year. However, as we all know, he just signed a contract to play overseas in Greece for much more money.

The bottom line is that just because you’re not part of the richest basketball league in the world, doesn’t mean you still can’t get a share of the riches.