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Bubbly the Destroyer

Bubbly the DestroyerWhat would you think if you saw a 5-foot-8-inch, 135-pound, gorgeous blonde, 34-year-old personal trainer and former National Fitness Champ named “Bubbly the Destroyer?”  Sounds intimidating huh?  Well, “Bubbly the Destroyer” is only the name her husband, sports agent Bruce Horn, jokingly calls her.  Competitors and viewers of the newest American Gladiators know her as “Venom” (the stunning woman to the left of this text).

One of my favorite early childhood memories was watching TGIF and American Gladiators in the 80’s.  Watching gladiator athletes that seemed to be super-human beings, match off against normal dudes and dude-ettes like me and you is always exciting to me.  I would usually root for the contestants and hope for the almighty gladiators to slip up, so I could see something exciting.  I still wonder how many of the gladiators used or are currently using HGH or other illegal steroids (other than Beth, of course).

Last season NBC brought back American Gladiators with Hulk Hogan as the main announcer.  It is the same concept from the 80’s, except this new age version has more intense athletes and slightly different advanced events.

As one of the new Gladiators, Beth had a hard time thinking of a name that would cause her opponents to tremble.  She said in the Chicago Post, “The name ‘Galaxy,’ I thought that would be cool.” Bruce suggested Indigo, because of her blue eyes, but producers eventually went with Venom. And so Bruce became “Mr. Venom” (as NBC producers call him) and Beth’s biggest supporter. A cheerleader, even.

The article in the Chicago tribune described how “normal” this couple’s life is and how the two deal with their jobs together.  For all of you that wonder what it takes to meet and marry a gladiator goddess like Beth, the story discusses that as well.  Beth and Bruce seem extremely happy together.  The story is a great look at the true life of an American Gladiator.  It is not all just extreme lifting, roids, screaming and wanting to knock others out.  Beth shows the soft and sexier side of these so called cold, hard athletes.

Like myself, Beth and Bruce watched the original American Gladiators show.  However, when Beth watched she always cheered for the Gladiators.  Maybe that is why she became one today.  “I used to watch it all the time … and I cheered for the Gladiators!”, Beth admitted in the article.  Now it is Bruce’s turn to watch Beth compete as a Gladiator.  He loves watching and loves helping her with her career.  They even go to conferences and autograph signings together.  What a close agent-client relationship those two must have.

Venom and the rest of the American Gladiators will be starting back again on NBC soon.  Bruce Horn will certainly be watching Venom, what about you?  Ever think about representing an American Gladiator?