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#4 Joe Smith

This past Saturday, the NY Jets released back-up punter Joe Smith, who wears jersey number 4.  Brett Favre also signed his papers to be reinstated into the NFL on Tuesday.  Could this be an omen for the emergence of Brett Favre to the city of bright lights and big buildings?  As if that is not enough fuel to fuel Jets fans fire, the Green Bay packers quickly picked up Joe Smith.  Coincidental isn’t it?

You might ask, who is Joe Smith?  So I did some research and really couldn’t find much.  He played for the CWU Wildcats (Central Washington) in college and signed as a free agent with the Jets last season.  In college, he was a two sport athlete, playing football and baseball.  He signed with the NY Mets as a pitcher after college in 2007.  He did not play a down last season for the JETS, behind punter #7 Ben Graham.
Sorry you had to go Joe, but If Brett is coming to the City, C-ya.  I wouldn’t even care if the Jets left Favre in there to punt.  Maybe even toss in a little fake every now and then.

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Just to let you know- I dont know why this surprises you. a lot of the statements and opinoins are not correct here

Joe Smith was not a college baseball player. At Enumclaw High School (Washington State) he played soccer and football. He had such a good kicking leg in soccer that an assistant football talked him into joining the football team. The coach talked him into learning how to punt and be a field goal/extra point kicker. He was a good listener and hard worker during and after practice and that paid off. He once held the Enumclaw High School field goal record (43 yards, I believe). He would look the coach up during the summer just to check on proper fundamentals.

Joe Smith did attend CWU, however, he didn’t sign on with the Mets. That’s a different Joe Smith. The Joe Smith from Central previously started working at Suncadia in Roslyn, WA, 30 minutes from CWU, then signed on with the Jets this past summer. He was let go, and quickly scooped up by the Packers. I’m not sure what happened after that. I have yet to see him or talk to him since I last saw him in July, but he doesn’t show up on the NFL website anymore or on the Packer’s roster. He is a really cool dude to hang out with though, and he’s great at golf too.

Joe Smith did in fact go to CWU and was a two sport star. The second sport was not baseball but rather track and field where he was a sprinter and long jumper

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