Contract Negotiation

Should Rosenhaus Give Ocho Cinco “The Talk?”

This summer we heard a lot from Chad Johnson talking to the media.  Shoot, we always hear a lot from Johnson, but this summer it was about him wanting to be traded.  Jeremy Shockey complained to the Giants much like Chad has, and Shockey wound up in a Saints uniform.  So why hasn’t Ocho Cinco left yet?  Could it be his big mouth?

Johnson recently commented that he wants to be traded and is unhappy with QB Carson Palmer.  It all started a couple years ago when Ocho Cinco attempted to restructure his contract.  Since then, he has constantly complained to the Bengals organization and has even mentioned being traded several times.  He has tried the Rosenhaus tactic of holding out and not showing to training camp, as Vinson recently discussed.  He threatened to remain on the sideline this season, and then came down with a sprained ankle right as camp started.  Johnson stopped complaining for a day, showed up to camp, and the Bengals said they would “talk” to him about his contract at the end of this year.  Great move by the Bengals to shut Chad up for this season, or at least shut him up regarding contractual issues for the time being.

After all the bickering and talking by Chad Johnson, are the Bengals finally ready to deal him to another team?  T.O. had a similar problem and image as Johnson does now, but in Dallas, he has shut-up and we have seen a different side of Owens.  Rosenhaus and Owens have taken a different route and attempted to be less vocal (at least less vocal for T.O.).  Owens appears to be a changed man in Dallas.

Terrell Owens used to have this “badboy” image in the media.  Since signing with Dallas, T.O. has toned down his comments and pre-season antics and demands.  He has not stopped his on-the-field antics and still mimics Chad Johnson’s behavior after scoring touchdowns; however, T.O. has not been as vocal off the field.  T.O. even pulled a Jerry Maguire and started crying last year, when he was questioned about “his quarterback”, Tony Romo.  Has Owens gone soft since entering the heat of Dallas or is he getting smarter and shutting up?  Is this a new strategy by Rosenhaus for his clients?

Looking at other players who have piped up, we see that this caused a different reaction in the clubhouse than Johnson’s outspoken style.  Players such as Jeremy Shockey and Jason Taylor have both been traded this pre-season after asking to be traded and talking to the media about being unhappy.  Oddly enough, Shockey is another Rosenhaus Sports Representation client.

Rosenhaus made the hold out scenario famous, and he still is advising his players that holding out is not necessarily a bad tactic.  Although Drew appears to have changed his ways with the media and is not as vocal with the press, he still is getting the job done.  He is now dealing with managers and team officials before going to the media and has showed his clients the green lately.  But why is this not working with Chad Johnson?  Does he talk to the media too much?

Maybe it is time Drew talks to Chad and gives him the speech that Jerry Maguire gave Mr. Tidwell.  If Rosenhaus won’t tell Johnson to shut it for a while and just play, maybe the mutual agreement between the two parties (reviewing Ocho Cinco’s contract after the season) will get the hint across.  Johnson came back from his ankle surgery to practice for the first time on Monday.  Perhaps we will now see a less Chaddy side of Johnson.