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Practice Makes Perfect

The majority of people on this site are looking to represent players from one of the big four (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL). When it comes time to represent a major client, how many contracts will you have negotiated? Well now, thanks to’s Fantasy Basketball Mock GM game, you can practice your agent skills against other people practicing their GM skills. This game is unique in the fact that is uses the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement to set the rules and regulations that must be followed. This give both sides, agents and GMs, a chance to simulate negotiation skills under the actual restrictions of the NBA.

Here is the description of the game sent to us by the site:

Just like Real NBA GMs, 30 + users come together to create a virtual NBA league with 30 GMs and at least one Agent to negotiate free agent contract and player buyouts. The game uses the NBA’s Collective Bargaining agreement so they are pretty much taking over the GM duties of an NBA team like the real NBA GMs do.  The NBA uses the Collective Bargaining Agreement to control spending as well as to even the competition playing ground for NBA franchises so that smaller markets can compete with the larger markets. This game captures the essence of the business side of the NBA.

The game is broken down into 5 phases:
Phase 1 is before the NBA rookie draft
a. You can trade soon-to-be free agents to free up salary cap space for free agency
b. You decide team options
c. You can move up in the rookie draft
d. No free agents can be claimed
e. You can negotiate buyout

Phase 2 is the rookie draft
a. You draft rookies

Phase 3 free agency (starts a day after the draft is finished)
a. Agents can represent free agents
b. Agents decide player options
c. Gms can make offers to free agents

Phase 4 regular season play (October-March)
a. GMs face off head-to-head in 18-week regular season
b. Agents face off in Rotisserie-style play

Phase 5 Playoffs (for GMs only April)
a. GMs face off in NBA playoffs

It seems like a great opportunity and chance to sharpen your skills. Every potential NBPA agent on this site should definitely be considering joining this as an agent, or even as a GM (trying to think and negotiate like a GM might give you some more insight on where you might be able to get GMs to be more flexible.)

Any unanswered questions? Want to learn more and sign up? Click this link to go to the homepage and check out what it’s all about.

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