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Nowadays, Everybody Wants To Be A Sports Agent

With all the ballyhoo surrounding the NY Jets’ recent hiring of FSU Cowgirl, Jenn Sterger, as a game day host, you might be surprised to know Sterger aspired to become a sports agent before Brent Musburger made her famous. In response to being asked what she would be doing now if Musburger never spotted her, she had the following to say:

“I’d probably be in law school actually trying to take Drew Rosenhaus’ job.   That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a sports agent. First I wanted to be an attorney, and then I decided I didn’t want to argue with people for a living. Then I was like maybe if I was doing it for sports and it was something I was passionate about, I’d feel differently.”

Despite her controversial YouTube videos, she would make a nice addition to a major sports agency when she is done with her gig with the Jets.  She has ascended into the mainstream sports media, she has a presence, and she is well-spoken even if she has a track record of saying somewhat questionable things about her boob-job.

I can tell you that many players would not mind dealing with her when calling their agency.

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Honestly, I’d think most people would have a hard time taking her seriously. It’s pretty obvious why she’d be hired for a job. She’ll have to work on her professionalism before I’d want her representing the interests of my clients.

If her $11,000 tit job was “the best decision” she ever made in her life, she doesn’t deserve entry into any law school, and definitely doesn’t deserve to be a sport agent. She is extremely shallow, as evident in her youtube vid, and quite frankly, I was disgusted just listening to her.

Ya her being a sports agent= Joke…

I would love to see her getting a deal for an NFL client.. What is she going to negotiate with her boobs?

No chance.. Bozo the clown has a better chance of being an agent then her..

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