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Congratulations To Matthew Watkins

Congratulations to Dynasty‘s Football Division Director, Matthew Watkins.  He received an envelope in the mail on August 14, 2008 notifying him that he had successfully passed the 2008 NFLPA certification exam.  It was only two weeks ago that Watkins bitched about the trickiness of the exam on the Dynasty Newswire.

Although the representatives of the NFLPA assured us that the exam was straight forward and they were not trying to trick us, this exam was very tricky and the authors were anything but reluctant to take cheap shots at us and left all of their tricks on the table.

For all of you future testees, the actual material, while voluminous, is not very difficult if you put the time in to understand it.  However, expect the unexpected and be ready multiple curve balls and red herrings that are out there to cause confusion.

Well now you have a much tougher job ahead of you: running Dynasty’s football division.  Congratulations Matt.  I hope that we make Dynasty’s football division extremely successful by the completion of the 2009 NFL Draft.

By Darren Heitner

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Daren – while congratulations undoubtedly go out to Matthew on passing his exam, I can’t help but wonder how, prior to his certification, you could justify naming him your agency’s “Football Division Director.” After all he was not even qualified to negotiate with NFL teams. So what exactly was he doing as your Football Director? Did he have any clients? And if not (which I suspect was the case) how was he qualified to hold this position with your firm. Any explanation would be appreciated.


I have no problem answering that question. I was justified in naming him the football division director with the full confidence that he would pass the exam. He was not qualified to negotiate with NFL teams prior to certification and did not have any clients. No rules we broken. We brought him in and basically educated him on everything there is to know about Dynasty including our mission, business plans, methods of conducting business, etc. Additionally, we began preparing a recruiting list that we will use for years to come. We knew he would pass, and he did just that. We cannot wait for what the future is to bring.

No clients.. No reputation.. How can he serve as an agent?

Back in the Day Drew Rosenhaus was able to do it.. But does he have any experience with NFL players? Does he know any? What can your firm offer him?

Do you have $ for marketing gurantees? Training? Rental Car? Food etc?

Are you going to be able to keep up with CAA, Octagon, Rosenhaus?

Where are you going to train your Athletes?You need to take all of this into consideration before hiring someone

I have worked for a major agency for many years prior to that I started off by myself and not 1 athlete would sign with me because..

1) I had no reputation and never have been negotiate an NFL contract
2) I didn’t know 1 GM or President of an NFL football team

Being an NFL agent is a tough gig, not as great as it looks on tv or in the movies..

Good luck..

Every division/agency/agent has to start somewhere. Matthew comes in with no clients, but many connections, and all of Dynasty’s other division clients behind him. We have an extensive external connections sheet which includes training, marketing, and other services. We will not be going after the same type of client as a CAA.

Thanks for the good luck wish.

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