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Leatherman Goes Four Innings; No Runs

In his longest outing to date, Dan Leatherman of the Hagerstown Suns (Class A affiliate of the Washington Nationals) went a full four innings giving up no runs and logged two strikeouts, including an extremely important one in the ninth inning.  Via the Hagerstown Suns website:

COLUMBUS, GA –The Hagerstown Suns (21-33) and the Columbus Catfish (29-21) needed four extra innings to decide the first game of their four game series on Friday, August 15th. In the end, a suicide squeeze in the bottom of the 13th inning gave Columbus a 3-2 win.

The score stayed tied through the ninth inning as reliever Dan Leatherman was superb in relief for the Suns. Leatherman ended up tossing four shut-out innings, allowing three hits and striking out two.

Things got a bit rocky for Leatherman in the bottom of the ninth as a lead-off double by Quinn Stewart was followed by a sacrifice bunt by Chase Fontain. Leatherman fielded the bunt and opted to throw to third but Stewart slid in safely, putting the winning run 90 feet away.

After Leatherman intentionally walked a batter to load the bases, the righthander from Frederick, MD managed to get the next three batters out on a groundball that second baseman Blake Stouffer threw home in time to get Stewart, a strikeout and a lazy fly ball to left field.

By Darren Heitner

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Hagerstown plays in the Sally League with the Asheville Tourists, my home town team. I would love to catch a game when Leatherman would pitch. Any chance of a schedule for days when Leatherman would potentially be on the mound?

Mr. Heitner- does this mean we can be expecting Dan the Man to become more of a long reliever/spot starter or will he stick to his previous role? How will this performance affect your contract negotiations that will take place at the end of the season? I recently checked the Dynasty site and saw william robinson has just been added to the team. I dont think he was introduced on the blog can you tell us more about him? On his bio he doesnt even have a college degree it looks like and his only experience is at the high school level. How does this make him a valuable member to Dynasty? What role will he serve to newly certified agent Matt Watkins? will he be Matts assistant? Where do you find these random inexperienced people like william, frank, and austin? Can you tell us what happened to Grant zhou i thought he was supposed to take the basketball division to the next level and help you compete with bill duffy. On your bio you refer to yourself as the most knowledgeable entity at your age, who has said this in the past? You say you are widely regarded as this so many people in the industry must have made this statement and I am curious what their names are. Any insight to these questions would be greatly appreciated

I do not believe that the 4 inning performance should be any indicator that Dan’s role as a set-up man/closer will change to long/reliever and especially not a spot starter. The performance does show that Dan can excel in a variety of situations; however, which is always a plus when trying to prove value in a player.

William, Frank, and Austin are more than qualified for their positions. Grant still serves as a consultant, but has returned to his home of Beijing, China to help start up CSPN (the equivalent of ESPN out there). You be the judge of my knowledge.

Heitner- I think someone hacked into the website. A comment of mine was deleted 2 days ago but it wasnt a derogatory comment and provided a lot of valuable insight into the sport business. Because of your high integrity that you display I know it wasnt you that deleted it so I think you should look into who has gone on this site and gotten rid of peoples comments. Luckily my computer saved what was posted so I can re-post it for you.

Can you talk more about their qualifications, especially william? I just dont see how he plays high school football and is therefore qualified to work in the industry. He also lives in the same city as mississippi state so if he had any talent whatsoever Im sure they would have recruited him and as we know he doesnt have a degree. What is franks job with dynasty or is that information not shared? With frank, I dont see how working for a company similar to SMWW as an agent makes him qualified. The only clients they get are no names and the basketball players he represented were never even legit prospects. His college recruiting company he tried to start up also was a joke. If an athlete is good the coaches will find them, they dont need to pay frank for his “recruiting services”. So is he the baseball agent or are you? As the judge of your knowledge, my verdict is you are not the most knowledgeable entity. You and vuk money are the only ones with blogs but what you post doesnt not make you knowledgeable. Simply getting links from another website and posting the information then throwing in a few BS comments doesnt make someone smart about the industry. Because no one has ever termed you “the most knowledgeable entity at your age” I guess you are not widely regarded as this and this was something you made up to market yourself better. I do think you are the only one at your age that will do anything necessary to get your name and company name out their on the internet in order to help you break into the industry, You creating a wikipedia page for yourself in the past is an example of this.

This site has a backbone that includes a very strong anti-spam system, but additionally, we allow contributors to delete comments that are derogatory, spam, etc. Anyway, I have no problem with your comment, but I feel as though I have absolutely no obligation to respond to much of it. You hide behind fake names asking questions with the intention to provoke a certain response out of me, which is fine, because I have opened my little world for all to see. Being transparent is no easy task, which is why very few sports agencies desire to enter into this spectrum, hosting a blog that gives insight into their mission, goals, and daily lives.

The one response I have for your comment, is that I never created a Wikipedia page for myself. My ex-girlfriend created one over a year ago as a joke. From there, it was picked up by some Wikipedia editor who researched into my deep past and changed the whole thing. Wikipedia randomly selects certain articles for its front page, and mine was chosen. A lot of people complained that it was not “Wiki worthy” and a big debate ensued. Eventually the page was taken off. I must admit, it was a lot of fun to read all about it, though, in my Legal Research and Writing class.

Keep cheering me on while you hide behind fake names with fake email addresses. It will get you nowhere in life.

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