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Ricky Williams: What Could Have Been

Ricky Williams has had anything but a smooth career, but certainly an impressive one.  While his first 3 seasons with the Saints were nothing to write home about, he soon came into his own.  In his forth season, first with the Dolphins, he led the NFL in rushing with 1,853 yards.

Before the start of the 2004 season everything fell apart.  Williams failed his third drug test, and he then decided to retire from football.  During that season that he had off, he studied at the California College of Ayurveda.

Things then got a little out of control in the Williams situation.  He came back to football for the 2005 season, only to fail a fourth drug test and have to sit out the whole 2006 season.  From there he went up to Canada to play for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL.  Ricky returned to the Dolphins in week 12 of the 2007 season only to sustain an injury that would sideline him for the rest of that year.

But this season, Ricky is sitting atop the Miami Dolphins depth chart and will be the opening day starter for the Fins.  While most people may think of Ricky as some pothead running back, he’s nothing short of impressive.  He has basically missed three consecutive seasons and still has the ability to start for an NFL team.  Let’s not forget that Bill Parcels is also very impressed with his running back.  If Williams didn’t miss those seasons he would be regarded as one of the top 5 backs in the league…Definitely a first round fantasy choice.

The Ricky Williams situation speaks volumes of the type of agent and person Leigh Steinberg is.  Through the trials and tribulations, Steinberg remained by Ricky’s side and didn’t give up on him.  He’s a huge reason why Williams is even in the NFL.  Let’s not forget to mention that he just negotiated a new incentive laden one year extension.

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I always thought Leigh was a big part of Ricky’s ability to get more chances in the NFL. Rick clearly has the talent and ability, but it took someone to help him through rough times and keep his head on track.

it would be nice if leigh would pay the outstanding bills he owes to vendors…..who accept his credibility only to wind up out in the street and screwed when it comes time to get paid

This contract actually has absolutely nothing to do with Leigh Steinberg. Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported that Ricky negotiated the deal on his own (Steinberg is not even currently NFLPA registered). Many are saying that Ricky did not properly value himself in the contract negotiations. Just one more example of why agents are needed.

Darren- do agents ever drop clients who they feel might not be worth the investment? for example, if you have a player in the minors who is hitting poorly and doesnt look like he will ever sign a minor/major league contract, do you continue to pay for his equipment or do u keep your costs low? Seems like a difficult question facing agents nowadays

If a player breaches any paragraph of a contract, the agent may terminate representation at any time. An agent may also breach the contract by failing to perform on any item. As long as the player does not bring suit, then it is really an “agent dropping a client”. It happens.

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