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The Millers: Andre and Andy

Many of Philly’s finest believe that PG, Andre Miller, was the MVP of their team last year.  Those sentiments mean a lot right now as Miller is in the final year of his contract with the 76ers and will be earning $10.2 million this year.  The Sixers want to start talking about a contract extension and Miller is on board.  Andre dropped his former agent, Lon Babby, a little more than a month ago and was recently handling talks between himself and the 76ers.  That is all about to change.

Andre Miller has another Miller on his side now.  Andy Miller of ASM Sports is representing Andre in his discussions with GM Ed Stefanski.  Andre joins Marreese Speights as 76ers clients for ASM Sports.

By Darren Heitner

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Thanks for passing along this news. As a basketball agent, can you share with us readers what type of extension Andre Miller could sign under the rules? This is something that would be very nice to read about and we could learn.

It really depends on if he re-signs with the 76ers or not. If so, the 76ers who can utilize their Bird Rights could essentially sign Miller for up to 6 years and the 76ers can go over the cap to pay him. If he signs with another team outright he can only sign for 5 yrs. and the team cannot go over the cap to sign, unless he takes their MLE. Saying that only a handful of teams will be under the cap next year, I would imagine him staying in Philly or having to take the almost $6 million a year from a contending team that only has the MLE to offer. However, given his age (32) and the history of points guards production after the age of 35 years old. I would imagine Miller’s worth to be in the ballpark of 4 yrs. $40-$48 million. But, due to his strong play and being a pillar in the locker room and community I would imagine Andy Miller wanting and probably recieving a contract in the range of 5 yrs. $55-$60. What Andre Miller brings to a team is invaluable and does not always show up in the scorebook, not to mention Louis Williams is not ready to be their starting PG yet. He is more of a moring point or 2G at this point in his career. Also, Philly has so many young players they need his veteran leadership in the clubhouse if they want to contend for a playoff spot. Miller is a top 10 PG right now and it looks like he plans on getting paid like it.

Thanks, Austin. Your analysis is very helpful. What about an extension, meaning that Andre would sign an extension this season and not become a free agent? What can that contract look like? This would help determine if it is better to wait and become a free agent? Or do the same rules as above apply (the bird rights, length of extension, etc.)? Thanks.

Same rules would apply to Andre Miller in regards to him and the 76ers, as it pertains to them being able to use their Larry Bird Rights to retain him. I would say that he makes in the $10-$12 million per year range via extension or on the free agent market (if he goes to a team with cap room).

I just looked up some rules on the website and I am not sure but I think that is not correct Austin. Can Andre sign a 6-year extension? How can he make $12 million a year in an extension? Are there no limits on the years and value of the extension? I just saw a CBA rule about a player’s age and am trying to break that down. As an agent, do you need to know about this stuff? Thanks for taking the time to engage in this dialogue? This is what most people interested in agents need to probably know (Andy MIller said he needed time to do his due diligence).

John, have you seen the extensions that Igudala, Deng etc. have signed and the offer that has recently been tendered to Ben Gordon? They are all in the same salary range.

Thanks. But, maybe I am not asking my question correctly. Iguodala and Deng did NOT sign extensions. They were restricted free agents. This is a big difference. Both of those players decided to not sign extensions last off-season and both ended up with better deals than they were offered, right? This is a big consideration I think for a player like Andre (extension vs. waiting to become a free agent, and the risks and rewards that goes with that decision). Darren, can you possibly help us out? My main interest is what is the maximum contract extension that Andre can sign (not a free agent deal) under the rules?

Darren, any update on the MIller question me and John Sikma (Jack’s brother?) asked about the value, years (and not just hypothetical value) of an extension under the rules? Thanks.

The max contract for a player signing an extension is 5 yrs. $85 million. Miller will not get that type of money however. He is a good player,b ut def. not a max player. Those types of deals are regulated to the Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, LeBron James types. I hope that answers your question.

Thanks a lot Austin and Jackson for engaging in this analysis. I am still confused. Those are extensions for rookies. I think you are right – Chris Paul and Deron Williams will get that type of money, but over 3-4 years. I am hoping you and Darren can pleaes help answer this in a little more detail if you have time. I don’t think Andre is eligible to sign such an extension. My friend keeps telling me Andre won’t get much money on the free agent market because of his age. And I think that he might be better to sign an extension now for security. I found tons of rules in the CBA but I am not smart enough to figure out how they apply to Andre’s situation, but I know that there are limits on the years and increase (what he can start at) for an extension as a veteran, as opposed to a free agent deal. Thus, what is the max extension that Andre (who is not coming off a rookie scale deal) can sign? I am specifically looking for the years and max salary each year which would give us a total. Thanks again. I think these types of questions are what this site should really encourage.

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