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Oklahoma City Thunder

September 3rd was the day that Clay Bennett and many Oklahoma City basketball fans were waiting for. After a Judge trial and much deliberation athletes and fans finally got to find out what the team name will be.  After much deliberation, the fans and team officials have decided to go with the OKC “Thunder.”

Since announcing the new team name and colors, the Thunder officially announced that the new stadium has sold out of season tickets in only five days, something which would have never been possible in Seattle the past several years.  This begs to question whether Bennett was right when he moved the franchise from Seattle for financial and other reasons.

You can check out the team’s new website to see Oklahoma Cities new jersey’s, team colors (light blue, orange and black) and mascot. has been updating our readers from the beginning of the trial all the way to where we are now. This is just another piece of the puzzle, as former owner Howard Schultz STILL has a lawsuit pending against Bennett to take back over the team.  This lawsuit is backed up in the courts until sometime in 2009, although Schultz is looking to expedite the process anyway possible.

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Its a question of box seats, not attendence. That is where the money lies with pro teams and their new stadiums. Also, the amount of large corporations in the OKC and Tulsa area that can occupy those boxes.

I am a potential player for the thunder and wonder if just moving the team to oklahoma city will solve the problem with the team or changing the personel is the answer all the pieces have to fit to keep the fans coming

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