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Want A Chad Johnson Jersey?

Since changing his name legally from Chad Johnson, to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco, Reebok has asked Ocho Cinco to pay for his name change.  CNBC’s Darren Rovell first reported that Reebok asked Ocho Cinco (formally Chad Johnson) to buy 100,000 jerseys for $40 per jersey, for an amount totaling $4,000,000.

Reebok hand crafts 100,000 jerseys each year for big name stars like the artist formerly known as Chad Johnson.  His late name change and insistence on wearing this on the back of his jersey has cost Reebok and Ocho Cinco money.  For Ocho Cinco, I’m sure the publicity alone was worth all the money he invested into the name change.

The real question is who would want to buy an old Chad Johnson jersey, when he will be wearing Ocho Cinco and #85 on his back next season?  With his disappointing play so far this season, the better question is who would spend money on a new Ocho Cinco jersey?