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B-Diddy Chooses China

Another athlete is choosing to head overseas instead of staying local in North America, yet this time it is his shoe deal that he is taking overseas. The Los Angeles Clippers summer acquisition, Baron Davis, has decided to leave his previous sponsorship deal with Reebokand represent the Chinese brand Li Ning.

Davis is not the only NBA star who will don Li Ning; Shaquille O’ Neal is also on the client roster.  Dallas Maverick, PG Jason Kidd also singed with Peak, another Chinese apparel label, shortly after winning Gold this summer.

Li Ning is a Chinese based shoe company, named after the famous Chinese Gymnast…Li Ning.  The Spainish olympic team wore Li Ning jerseys this summer in Bejing.  The name Li Ning is huge in China and has grown tremendously worldwide.  With the acquisition of more and more talented American athletes, Li Ning is getting more recognition and expanding further into the international market.  Nike still looms large in the industry; however, newcomers like Under Armour and Li Ning are definitely making their mark.

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Good to see that the basketball monopoly that was Nike, is losing some market share. Dont get me wrong, Nike has great B-Ball Apperel, but it would be nice to see other brands try and make a serious push into the NBA market…hey, who knows…increased competition could make PRICES go down!!….lol.

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