NFL Teams Performance Analysis

Enough Is Enough Al!!!

The Oakland Raiders made an Oakland Raiders type move. They released pro bowl cornerback DeAngelo Hall. This off-season the Raiders traded a 2nd and 5th round draft pick, then inked Hall to a 7 year $72 million deal. Hall played in only 8 games before getting the ax, and only pocketed 8 of the $72 million. Hall is the first big name player cut, he may not be the last.

While this is certainly an odd move, it actually makes sense. The Raiders are by far the worst team in the NFL, and they don’t look like their going to turn it around anytime soon. Hall is having a sub-par season, and is a pain in the ass in the locker room. If you are going to make drastic moves, might as well make them sooner than later and move on. The move also saves the Raiders a ton of money.

While I agree with the move, it’s about time for someone to get Al Davis out of the front office. In the 2008 off-season alone, they overpaid for Javon Walker, Gibril Wilson, Tommy Kelly and DeAngelo Hall. Walker hasn’t done anything since leaving Green Bay, Wilson looks lost in the secondary, and Kelly has only 1 sack. I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 of those 3 are shown the door next. Lets not forget Michael “the bust” Huff, and Lane Kiffen. Oh yea, big J. Russell doesn’t look so hot either.

The Raiders make one bad move after another, and it all starts at the top. Until the Raiders are Al Davis free, they will remain in that dreaded re-building phase. Leadership and winning starts at the top and works its way down to the field.

Hang in there Raider nation…