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Three Dynasty Clients In The Ultimate Scoring Championship Final

Sundays are all about football, but can you really watch the same sport for nine consecutive hours?  Here is another option for next Sunday.  Skip the first half of the early games and catch three of Dynasty‘s clients in the televised finals of the Ultimate Scoring Championship PBA TournamentRobert Smith, Mike Wolfe, and Mike Scroggins make up three of the four bowlers in the finals and all three are part of the Dynasty family.

In the semi-finals, it will be Dynasty against Dynasty on one end, with Smith up against Scroggins.  The other match-up will be Wolfe against Bill O’Neill

This Sunday, November 16, the final event will take place, but next Sunday, November 23 at 1:00 p.m. EST, ESPN will show a taped version of the show.

By Darren Heitner

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wow thats great to hear!! i had 2 more quick questions about being an agent then ill stop asking questions lol. i noticed that bruce deals mainly with your bowling division and is in charge of it and brought in the bowlers. what is his incentive for being with dynasty when maybe he would be better off just opening up his own agency where he could benefit more from his work? It seems like thats what most people have done in the past ex. bill henkel and img. also, what happened to the tennis division of dyansty i remember there was a serbian player at one point? thanks

Ahh…the Serbian player. Barbara Bonic was added as a client because my former partner believed there were opportunities out there for her. When I bought his shares, Dynasty no longer continued to represent Bonic. Now onto Bruce. We provide Bruce with many advantages that he wouldn’t have on his own. Development of creative material, manpower in the form of other directors and interns, backing from a solidified company, etc. We love Bruce and the work he has done.

In the UF article they mentioned 6 independent contractors, is bruce considered an independent contractor? Im not in law school yet but i know its a legal term could you explain exactley what an independent contractor is and how they are related to a business organization?

so basically they are independent from dynasty? thats what confuses me because i thought being independent means they work for you when necessary but theres no affiliation as part of dynasty. am i missing something or maybe misunderstanding what you just posted?

They work off of a percentage. There is no base salary. It is much more extensive than that, but that is why we have standard representation agreements, which I will not be posting to this site. Sorry.

its ok, thanks for clearing that up, i wasnt trying to get into personal information of dynasty dont worry. but like how would it for for an agency where only minor league players are represented. if a baseball agent like frank zaino brings in robert lara, who you cant get a percentage off of, does frank get a percentage from dynasty for the new client? or do the independent contractors only get a percentage for players who they bring in in which dynasty can make money off of?

wow, i never knew that. so basically frank, matt and austin are working for free until they can bring in a player who can sign a pro deal? what happened to william too i thought he was one of the football independent contractors i dont see him on the website anymore though?

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