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When It Is All Said And Done

UFC 2008 - Lesnar Defeats CoutureNobody should be surprised that Brock Lesnar is the newly minted UFC Heavyweight Champion. Before I delve off into the reasons why he was well prepared for Randy Couture (who is without a doubt one of the greatest champions in mixed martial arts history), lets look at the results of the weigh in. Randy Couture: 220lbs.  Brock Lesnar: 265lbs.  To add to that, it was reported that Brock Lesnar tipped the scales at 276lbs before the fight.

Let’s all agree on one thing. Brock Lesnar is a gifted athlete, with an incredible wrestling background. However, he did not use his wrestling skills to defeat Randy Couture, which means what? This guy is evolving into a better fighter every time he steps into the Octagon. Another notable reason he defeated Randy is quite simple: He was too big for Randy to toss around. There were a few attempts by Couture to take Lesnar to the mat, with single leg takedowns, but the attempts were futile. Lesnar’s take down defense prevented that from happening. Besides, if you know someone can match your wrestling skills toe-to-toe, why take it to the ground? Not to mention, if Couture would have gotten Lesnar on the ground, it would have not been that difficult for Couture to possibly submit him.

Another point to make is that Randy came in too light for this fight. He should have packed on an additional 10 pounds. Giving up 65lbs is one thing, but to give up 76lbs to your opponent is another.

Not to discredit Couture, here is what he had in his favor: Conditioning. It was very noticeable in round 2 that Lesnar was starting to get worn down. Had Randy been able to stay on the proverbial path of ‘stick and move’, he would have been able to wear Lesnar down, which could have resulted in either a knockout or the fight going to the ground. Experience. Randy has over 25 fights under his belt, not to mention countless fights as an amateur. His game plan was well thought out, but ineffective against the bigger and stronger Lesnar. Nonetheless, to his acknowledgment, he came in prepared for victory. Crowd Support. Everyone knows in Las Vegas that Randy’s town. Brock was booed at the weigh ins and during the introductions. Getting the crowd behind you can be a tremendous help, but once the balance of power starts to swing, the crowd faded.

Bottom line is this: Brock Lesnar was the biggest and strongest opponent Randy Couture has fought. Couture put up a valiant effort, but when it is all said and done, Brock Lesnar’s hand was held high as the new heavyweight champion. A question to consider: What is in store for Randy Couture? Whether it is retirement or another battle in the Octagon, whatever the choice, we all must tip our hat to The Natural Randy Couture.

Guest contribution by Warren Jackson, Co-Founder of Mayhem365 Sports Marketing

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In reality Randy gave up 45lbs at the weigh-in, and 56lbs at the time of the fight. Randy did take down Brock one time, but it didn’t last for long. Brock also held onto the cage twice and was warned by the ref the second time. Brock stated that he was prepared to go the 5 rounds with Randy, and his conditioning I believe wouldn’t be a factor. Brock is the new prototype heavy weight in the UFC, and he is truly living up to the hype!

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