College Football Players

2009 Defensive Studs (Draft Eligible)


1. Brian Orakpo (Sr./ Texas)

-He’s a physical freak, has the strength to overpower lineman and the speed to go around them. May be the best defensive player in the country. He also fits the mold of a great outside pass rusher in a 3-4 system.

2. Michael Johnson (Sr./ Georgia Tech)

-At 6’7 260 pounds he has the unique combination of size and speed. He may be the best pass rusher of the bunch.

3. George Selvie (Jr./ South Florida)

Selvie is a natural pass rusher with a non-stop motor. Also has the athleticism to play linebacker in a 3-4 scheme.

4. Everette Brown (Jr./ FSU)

Brown is a natural athlete with a knack for causing havoc in the backfield. He has over 20.5 tackles for loss, in addition to 12.5 sacks.

5. Tyson Jackson (Sr./ LSU)

Jackson’s size and athleticism make him a very formidable defender. He is in the mold of Charles Grant, but also has the ability to play the end position in a 3-4 scheme.


1. Terrence Cody (Jr./ Bama)

-With the overwhelming dominance of the big defensive tackles in the NFL teams will be salivating for Cody. He’s 6’5 360 pounds, has tremendous strength and cat like quickness for such a big guy. Plus this guy can dunk the ball, who doesn’t love that.

2. Sen’Derrick Marks (Jr./ Auburn)

Very similar to first round pick Sedrick Ellis. Has the quickness to be a pass-rushing defensive tackle.

3. Gerald McCoy (Jr./ Oklahoma)

-McCoy has been a stud this year on the Sooner defensive line, he may be the most versatile tackles in the country.

4. Jerry Peria (Sr./ Ole. Miss)

Peria is another one of those quick and agile tackles who can cause a ton of havoc in the backfield.

5.. Demarcus Granger (Jr./ Oklahoma)

-Injuries have been a problem for Granger at OU, but when healthy he can be a dominating force. He and McCoy make up the top defensive interior in college football.


1. James Laurinatis (Sr./ Ohio St.)

-He’s Mr. Everything to the Buckeye defensive. He’ll go down as one of the best defensive players in college football history.

2. Rey Maualuga (Sr./ USC)

-Maualuga is a monster in the middle, he has the size, power, and intensity to be a force in the middle of any defense.

3. Rolando McClain (Jr./ Bama)

He may be the nation’s most underrated player. He’s a tremendous athlete who plays the run and pass as well as anyone.

4. Brandon Spikes (Jr./ Florida)

-Spikes is the lightning rod of the Florida defense. He makes big hit after big hit, and always finds a way to get to the ball.

5. Dannell Ellerbe (Sr./ Georgia)

-While the Bulldogs defense has had their problems Ellerbe has been stalwart in the middle. His awareness and smarts make him a valuable player at the next level.


1. Aaron Curry (Sr./ Wake Forest)

-Curry is another player who has flown under the radar. But don’t be fooled this guy can do it all on the field. He has great speed and makes plays all over the field.

2. Brian Cushing (Sr./ USC)

-Cushing has the size and speed to do it all, but when it comes to the next level I see him playing the outside in a 3-4 scheme.

3. Mark Herzlich (Jr./ BC)

He’s been a very pleasant surprise for Boston College. He’s an intense backer who can do it all, his 92 tackles with 5 interceptions is evidence of that.

4. Clint Sintim (Sr./ Virginia)

He’s another guy who has the size and speed to be the perfect fit in a 3-4 defense.

5. Sergio Kindle ( Jr./ Texas)

He’s one of the most talented linebackers in the country, and would be a perfect fit in either a 4-3 or a 3-4. He has great speed to be an outside pass rusher, thus far he has 9 sacks at the outside linebacker position this season.


1. Malcolm Jenkins (Sr./ Ohio St.)

-Jenkins is an all everything defensive back. He’s big, strong, plays the run, has very good cover skills and as versatile as they get. He has played both cornerback and safety at The Ohio State University.

2. Alphonso Smith (Sr./ Wake Forest)

-While Smith may not be a big name player, he’s hands down one of the best cover corners in the NCAA. He plays very tough, has speed and very good ball skills.

3. Vontae Davis ( Jr./ Illinois)

This guy makes plays like he’s a linebacker. While he’s great at covering the wide receiver, being 18th in the Big Ten in tackles is very impressive.

4. Mike Mickens (Sr./ Cinn)

At 6’0 195 pounds, he has great size to along with exceptional cover skills.

5. D.J Moore (Jr./ Vandy)

Here’s another guy who makes plays all over the field. With 51 tackles and 6 interceptions he has the all around game to be an early first day selection.


1. Taylor Mays (Jr./ USC)

-Mays may be a new breed of safety, he’s 6’3 240 pounds. He has the size, and hitting ability of a linebacker, and the speed of a cornerback.

2. William Moore (Sr./ Missouri)

Moore is also big, with great speed. But more importantly he has terrific ball skills.

3. Reshad Jones (Jr./ Georgia)

Jones is a great athlete, with great speed for a safety. He’s in the mold of Donte Whitner.

4. Kam Chancellor (Sr./ VT)

This guy has great size 6’4 225 and is as versatile as they get. Safety is Chancellor’s third position at Virginia Tech.

5. Derek Pegues (Sr./ Miss. St)

Talented safety who has the speed to make plays all over the field.


1. Myron Rolle ( Jr./ FSU)

Rolle is the cream of the crop at the strong safety position. Unfortunately, I would be very surprised to see him play in the NFL next season. I see Oxford in his near future.

2. Emanuel Cook (Jr./ South Carolina)

Cook is a terror on the field, he’s on the smaller side for a safety but like Bob Sanders he can lay the wood.

3. Patrick Chung (Sr./ Oregon)

While Chung may not be exceptional at any one area of the game he’s extremely durable and has a great sense of the game.

4. Michael Hamlin (Sr./ Clemson)

Younger brother of Cowboy safety Ken Hamlin, and plays very similar to his older brother. He fly’s around the field, constantly making big hits.

5. Nic Harris (Sr./ Oklahoma)

Has great size at 6’3 230, and is a great athlete. But he has been inconsistent at times this season.