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SponsorPitch Launches Closed Beta

Among the many people that I finally met in person at the Princeton Sports Symposium after speaking to many times online in the past is Kris Mathis, founder of a new website called SponsorPitch.  The site has been in the works for quite a while now and is branded as a free portal that helps brands and sponsorship opportunities connect in a new, more efficient manner.  That idea definitely sounds good to any CEO of a sports agency.  If I can have an easier time connecting to potential sponsors for let’s say my bowling clients, and it’s a totally free service, why not jump on board?

The site has finally launched into a closed beta.  While you may not be able to access all the features at this particular point in time, you can sign up so that Kris will let you know when everything is fully up and running.  He passed along a press release today.  Here is my extraction:

SponsorPitch includes a first of its kind video pitch platform that allows properties to upload a short video pitch and showcase their opportunity to potential sponsors through the power of video, as well as text, attachments and more. With SponsorPitch, marketers can easily find, filter and evaluate opportunities based around their specific marketing objectives. Sponsorship has always been a very time consuming and often frustrating 1 to 1 communication process. SponsorPitch puts a new spin on sponsorship by providing properties with a new resource for broadcasting their general opportunities prior to developing the specifics of a particular sponsor’s proposal. Properties can also invite sponsors to view their pitch with one click of the button, upload presentations, and learn about a sponsor’s objectives prior to pitching them.

“Evaluating the proposals you receive is the easy part. Pro-actively seeking out the very best new opportunities for your specific business objectives takes a lot of time and money. That was both the fun and challenging aspect of my previous experiences,” Mathis explained. “With SponsorPitch we thought it would be great to have a single online destination that was flexible enough to accommodate a diverse set of properties and invited them to virtually pitch a broader network of agencies, brand marketers and even small and regional businesses.”

Sponsors traditionally “react” to submitted proposals, but SponsorPitch provides marketers with a more pro-active resource for finding, filtering and evaluating the sponsorship opportunities that are best suited for their business goals. SponsorPitch’s targeted search technology allows sponsors to quickly tailor their search and alerts around the unique sponsorship variables that are most important to their marketing objectives such as media exposure, demographic, timing, location and price. This means a lot less time sifting through proposals, fielding cold calls and taking unfocused pitch meetings; and more time making informed business decisions. Best of all, SponsorPitch is free for both sponsors and properties to join.

I wish Kris my best with getting his site up to its public release and hope that all of us in the sports industry can benefit from the bridge it should create between those trying to market their clients and corporate sponsors/endorsers.

By Darren Heitner

Darren Heitner created Sports Agent Blog as a New Year's Resolution on December 31, 2005. Originally titled, "I Want To Be A Sports Agent," the website was founded with the intention of causing Heitner to learn more about the profession that he wanted to join, meet reputable individuals in the space and force himself to stay on top of the latest news and trends.

Heitner now runs Heitner Legal, P.L.L.C., which is a law firm with many practice areas, including sports law and contract law. Heitner has represented numerous athletes and sports agents as legal counsel. He has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Indiana University Bloomington from 2011-2014, where he created and taught a course titled, Sport Agency Management, which included subjects ranging from NCAA regulations to athlete agent certification and the rules governing the profession. Heitner serves as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, where he teaches a Sports Law class that includes case law surrounding athlete agents and the NCAA rules.

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Great meeting you as well and thanks for the write-up. Look forward to the UF Sports Law Symposium. If anyone is interested in helping us beta test, make sure you sign up on our site so that we can provide you with a passcode.


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