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The Fro-Hawk


Friends don’t let friends wear the FroHawk. If you are a soon to be pro athlete and are considering hiring an agent. Just do the “FroHawk Search”. If they have any clients with Fro Hawks, pick a different agent.”


Those are the words of Mark Cuban from his blog,  Despite his legal troubles with the SEC (his blog does a great job of explaining the actual facts), Cuban is still able to laugh and discuss the recent trend in the NBA with players rocking the frohawk.   Mark advises athletes about the fro-hawk. Commenting that although Mr. T’s trademark “frohawk” seems to be back in style and may be a good marketing devise to draw attention to players, it still looks hideous.

It is not only a trend in the NBA, but football players, soccer stars, and many others have given the hairstyle more fame than it deserves. Even if you agree that the frohawk is not what you want to see your child come home from the barbers with, you can’t take Mark’s words above seriously or athletes would be looking over agents such as Drew Rosenhaus and Scott Boras.  An agent may be able to control some areas regarding their clients, but hairstyles are usually not specified in the contract.


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