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Red Sox and Penny Finalize Deal

Brad Penny and the Boston Red Sox finalized a deal Friday which will have Penny in Boston for 1-year, giving him $5-million.

Last season was Penny’s worst ever. He was on the disabled list for two months with shoulder tendinitis and bursitis. Penny went 6-9 with a 6.27 ERA. Nevertheless, the BoSox were able to look past Penny’s unusual and disappointing performance and knew he was not a player to pass up on.

In nine years with both the Florida Marlins and the Dodgers, Penny was 94-75.

Penny can earn additional bonuses:

  • $500,000: 160 innings or 55 games
  • $500,000: 170 innings or 65 games
  • $500,000: 190 innings or 35 games
  • $1 million: 200 innings or 50 games