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Mayor RAVENstahl of Pittsburgh

ept_sports_nfl_experts-973733284-1231954095In lieu of this weekend’s big game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke R. Ravenstahl has changed his name to Luke Steelerstahl. As amazing as it sounds, this is a true story.  A mayor in Pittsburgh was named Ravenstahl and actually got elected by the people, and that same mayor changed his last name only temporarily, to support his home town STEELERS.  Although, the change is only temporary, the mayor has gone so far as to change the nameplate on his office door.

He said he wants to “eliminate the Ravens just as the Steelers will on Sunday.”

The prefix -stahl, in German, actually means steel to begin with.  However, it is the thought that counts, and when the word Raven is in your last name and you are a Pittsburgh mayor, something needs to be done.