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MLB Arbitration Update

Yesterday, Dominic Perilli put together an excellent piece highlighting the decision by Prince Fielder to avoid salary arbitration and what Ryan Howard has to look forward to in the coming month.  What about a Florida Marlin looking forward to some fun final-offer arbitration?

Dan Uggla is asking for $5.35 million.  The Marlins offering $4.4 million.  He received $417,000 last season.

Uggla’s teammates, Jorge Cantu and Jeremy Hermida were able to avoid the arbitration panel.  Cantu signed a $3.5 million deal.  He received $600,000 last year.  Hermida signed a $2.25 million deal.

Another Florida team, the Tampa Bay Rays have a couple of arbitration cases pending.

Willy Aybar is asking for $1.05 million.  The Rays are offering $900,000.  He received $401,200 last season.

Dioner Navarro is asking for $2.5 million.  The Rays are offering $2.1 million.  He received $422,500 last season.

Here are what players outside of Florida are asking for compared to what their teams are looking to hand over:

  • Garrett Atkins: $7.95MM. Rockies: $6.65MM. Diff: $1.3MM.
  • Jayson Werth: $4MM. Phillies: $3MM. Diff: $1MM.
  • Justin Duchscherer: $4.6MM. A’s: $3MM. Diff: $1.6MM.
  • David Weathers: $4.6MM. Reds: $3MM. Diff: $1.6MM.
  • Zack Greinke: $4.4MM. Royals $3.4MM. Diff: $1MM.
  • Ryan Ludwick: $4.35MM. Cardinals: $2.8MM. Diff: 1.55MM.
  • Justin Verlander: $4.15MM. Tigers: $3.2MM. Diff: $950K.
  • Jeff Francoeur: $3.95MM. Braves: $2.8MM. Diff: $1.15MM.
  • Ryan Zimmerman: $3.9MM. Nationals: $2.75MM. Diff: $1.15MM.
  • Mark Teahen: $3.85MM. Royals: $3.05MM. Diff: $800K.
  • Corey Hart: $3.8MM. Brewers: $2.7MM. Diff: $1.1MM.
  • Mike Jacobs: $3.8MM. Royals: $2.75MM. Diff: $1.05MM.
  • Paul Maholm: $3.8MM. Pirates: $2.65MM. Diff: $1.15MM.
  • Nate McLouth: $3.8MM. Pirates: $2.75MM. Diff: $1.05MM.
  • Andre Ethier: $3.75MM. Dodgers: $2.65MM. Diff: $1.1MM.
  • Edwin Encarnacion: $3.7MM. Reds: $2.55MM. Diff: $1.15MM.
  • Conor Jackson: $3.65MM. D’Backs: $2.45MM. Diff: $1.2MM.
  • Josh Willingham: $3.6MM. Nationals: $2.55MM. Diff: $1.05MM.
  • Scott Olsen: $3.5MM. Nationals: $2.5MM. Diff: $1MM.
  • George Sherrill: $3.4MM. Orioles: $2.2MM. Diff: $1.2MM.
  • Rick Ankiel: $3.3MM. Cardinals: $2.35MM. Diff: $950K.
  • Kelly Johnson: $3.3MM. Braves: $2.35MM. Diff: $950K.
  • Casey Kotchman: $3.25MM. Braves: $2.475MM. Diff: $775K.
  • John Maine: $3MM. Mets: $2.2MM. Diff: $800K.
  • Wandy Rodriguez: $3MM. Astros: $2.25MM. Diff: $750K.
  • Rickie Weeks: $2.8MM. Brewers: $2MM. Diff: $800K.
  • Geoff Geary: $2.1MM. Astros: $1.425MM. Diff: $675K.
  • Brian Bannister: $2.025MM. Royals: $1.45MM. Diff: $575K.
  • Chad Durbin: $1.95MM. Phillies: $1.35MM. Diff: $600K.
  • Pedro Feliciano: $1.95MM. Mets: $1.35MM. Diff: $600K.
  • Matt Guerrier: $1.75MM. Twins: $1.2MM. Diff: $550K.
  • Brian Bruney: $1.55MM. Yankees: $1.1MM. Diff: $450K.
  • Brian Tallet: $1.3MM. Jays: $950K. Diff: $350K.
  • Shawn Camp: $950K. Jays: $700K. Diff: $250K.
  • Shawn Hill: $775K. Nationals: $500K. Diff: $275K.

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