Your Thoughts On WAMMA

The World Alliance of Mixed-Martial Arts (“WAMMA”) describes itself as “a multifaceted, fan and fighter-forward organization dedicated to promoting the integrity, legitimacy and longevity of Mixed Martial Arts.” [WAMMA’s Mission Statement] They use the phrase “One Belt, One King” to demonstrate the sport of MMA needs one organizing body to rank fighters across promotions (UFC, Affliction, etc.) so the world can know who the real champion is in a given weight class.  So far, the UFC is not playing along, and with no UFC participation, many wonder whether WAMMA can achieve its lofty goals.  I’ll be interviewing the legendary Pat Miletich later this week and we’ll talk about WAMMA, these poll results (the poll is below), and many other things.  Pat is listed as WAMMA’s Vice President of Fighter & Promoter Relations.  And he can still kick your ass.

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Sean, thanks for pointing to this reference. Rob’s views on WAMMA are pretty clear and Rob’s a smart guy – and a friend. I hope people will read Rob’s articles, read some others, and reach their own conclusions. And vote in the poll!

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