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Dynasty Baseball Division Continues to Grow, With The Addition Of Mets Prospect

Dynasty Athlete Representation

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Dynasty Baseball Division Continues to Grow, With The Addition Of Mets Prospect

Gainesville, FL – [February 4, 2009], Dynasty Athlete Representation, LLC is pleased to announce that its Baseball Division now has eight promising clients, with the addition of Zach Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum was selected by the New York Mets in 2008, and completed his first season as a professional with the Kingston Mets.

Zach, a right handed pitcher, has a tremendous amount of potential that features a mid 90’s fastball to go along with his 6’5″, 210 lb frame. He is coming off a stellar collegiate career at UNC-Charlotte, where he compiled a 16-5 record and a 3.93 ERA in his time with the 49ers. This included a 9-1 season, with a 3.33 ERA in his sophomore campaign.

Rosenbaum went to North Mecklenberg High School, in the Charlotte area, and went 11-0 with 78 strikouts in 61 innings in 2004.  Zach’s parents are Lisa and DeWayne Rosenbaum.

Everyone at Dynasty is pleased that Zach has become a part of the family.

Darren Heitner, CEO
Dynasty Athlete Representation, LLC
[email protected]


By Darren Heitner

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10 replies on “Dynasty Baseball Division Continues to Grow, With The Addition Of Mets Prospect”

Darren –

Trying to learn the business so I have a few questions.
Why does Rosenbaum, a 19th round pick, now need an agent?
Isn’t more important to have guys before the draft ?
Keep up the good work!!

A few reasons:
-We serve as a bridge between him and his GM/Asst GM/player personnel people. We can find out where he stands within the organization and make demands that he moves up/gets traded. Much easier for an agent to do than a player who has to go back out on the field every day with the club.
-We help with equipment/supplements/etc.
-We develop his brand through our knowledge of leveraging the online medium.
-We find him press opportunities/interview opps/etc.
-We search for regional endorsement opportunities.

All at no charge while a player is in the Minors.

Darren –
This doesn’t make sense to me.
Make ‘demands’ on the team. I believe most teams have a pretty good idea how players will progress and will move up players when they are ready to move them up. Do you really think you can make an organization promote a player to the next level?

What do you mean by a regional deal? Any chance you give examples of regional deals? I have never heard of a minor league player getting a regional deal.

Very informative site – keep up the good work.


“Demands” was the wrong term to use. I can’t “make” an organization promote a player, but I can be that player’s biggest advocate, displaying his ultimate value.

By regional deal I mean reaching out to companies in a player’s hometown or affiliate town. We have gotten such deals for our clients.

Darren, Thanks for making your agency kind of transparent and sharing stories. Could you maybe give us some examples of the deals you have gotten (car deals, autograph signings, were they paid, etc.)? This would help show how much effort you have to put in and that most agents don’t do this for their minor league clients. Have you found any company to supply your clients with gloves, shoes, etc? Also, I am not sure if you read the Baseball America Prospect Handbook, but are any of your client listed anywhere in the book (I assume not in the top 30 but are they on the depth charts or mentioned)? Good luck for a sucessful year and happy birthday.

You are welcome. I am happy to share the highs and lows with all of you. I don’t want to talk about all of our deals, but let me give you an example of an innovative one that we just struck. A local restaurant was interested in one of our baseball clients. We thought outside of the box and struck a deal to place that restaurant on that player’s top friends list on his official MySpace page in return for monetary compensation.

We are in conversation with a few equipment manufacturers to become official sponsors of Dynasty. In terms of individual equipment deals, for baseball, most companies are not interested until a player is on a 40 man roster or a non roster major league spring training invite (or selected in 1 or 2 round of draft).

I did not read the BA Prospect Handbook. Nothing against BA, but I don’t put much into those prospect rankings.

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