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Good To Be a Tight End?

Kellen Winslow

As you all probably already know, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have given their new, shiny tight end, Kellen Winslow, a gigantic contract extension (6-year, $36.1 million). The funny thing is, the man hasn’t played a down with Tampa, yet. Oh well. Let’s take a look at how Winslow’s deal stacks up against other tight ends:

  • Antonio Gates – 6-year, $24 million (2005)
  • L.J. Smith – 1-year, $1.5 million (2009)
  • Tony Gonzalez – 5-year, $35 million (2006)
  • Jason Witten – 6-year, $29 million (2006)
  • Visanthe Shiancoe – 5-year, $18.2 million (2007)
  • Ben Watson – 6-year, $7.5 million (2004)

So, as you can see, being an NFL tight end isn’t such a bad gig after all.

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Darren Heitner: Yeah, why not? If I am a GM on any NFL team, I want Gonzalez in my locker room and suiting up in my team’s jersey on Sundays.

I completely agree with you Darren. Gonzalez has 2-3 years left at least considering he posted another 1,000 yard season last year when teams knew he was getting the ball a lot. He’s the consummate pro, does everything he’s supposed to and is a hall of famer.

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