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Pete Parise To Triple A Memphis

Pete PariseJust went through a very draining few days of the MLB Amateur Draft, and the fun is not over yet.  We had some guys drop in the round selected because of signability issues, a couple of guys leave us, and we picked up a few new players to advise.  It really is crazy how this business works.  Nothing will be truly sorted out until the signing deadline, which is August 17.  I should have more information about Dynasty’s new clients at that point.  I can almost guarantee that a few of our guys will go back to school for at least another year.

But while the draft takes place, the MLB and MiLB continues to roll.  Games are played and the results affect the standings.  Additionally, teams continue to move players up and down their organizations.  And I have some great news to report.  Pete Parise will be leaving AA Springfield to join the AAA Memphis Redbirds today.  Pete becomes Dynasty’s first client to make a Triple A affiliate, and is only one step away from the Major League St. Louis Cardinals.

Parise had an excellent run with the AA Springfield Cardinals in his first year with the team.  Pete leaves the team as the leader in innings pitched amongst relievers (40.2), the leader in ERA (2.88) and WHIP (1.06) amongst all pitchers, and second on the team in holds (8).  He has held the opposition to a .221 batting average, and his groundout/flyout ratio is stellar.  He developed a dirty sinker in the offseason, and it appears to be working in his favor.

All of us at Dynasty congratulate Pete for making the jump to Triple A!  If you do not get selected in the MLB Draft, it does not mean that your career is over.  Parise is a perfect example.

By Darren Heitner

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DLish – Was wondering how going back to school helps a player. All most all senior signs get between $1,500 and $2,500 to sign. I would think that if you are adivising juniors in college that 15k in the 30th round is better than $1,500 the following year.

Would love some insight.


That is a great question. 1) Not all senior signs get between 1.5k and 2.5k. But more importantly 2) The guys who we are advising who may go back to school are J1's (1st year Junior College players). They can go back for another year and be drafted again next year.


I think the problem with telling a junior to sign for 15k as oppossed to a much smaller amount the next year is that it does not take any other factors into account. How much is the guy getting for a scholarship (since most college players do not receive a full scholarship)? How much school does the player have left to finish? How willing is the player to go back and finish school when he is done playing baseball or in the offseason? These questions all matter, especially for a 30th round pick since most players especially ones picked in the 30th round do not make it to the big leagues and all of a sudden that 15k they signed for does not help too much when they need to go back to school.

Obviously that is not the complete answer, just factors to think about.

I believe you have it wrong on the Scholarship Plan. Not every junior is automatically entered into the plan. It has to be negotiated into the players contract and that is not always possible with a late round pick. On top of that they will almost never get 100% of their senior season paid for. That amount they get per semester through the plan is also negotiable. I agree with you that if you leave after your junior year it is almost always better for your baseball career but the fact of the matter is that very few guys actually make it in baseball so in some situations going back for your senior year compared to getting a signing bonus of 15K might not be a bad idea.

Maybe Darren can shed some light on the subject.

I'd love to add my own two cents. You are right; school money is negotiated into the contract and is not given to every junior who signs. In fact, many juniors who do not have an advisor, accept the scout's first offer because they don't know better. That offer usually will not include a stipend for continued education. And late picks almost never do get 100% of their senior season paid for…but usually a good chunk.

Guys if you are letting your guys sign for anything less %100 of school you are getting hosed by the scout.
Most teams won't even argue you the point. Some of the really cheap teams will fight you but most give in pretty quickly.

Oh please. Everything is on a case-by-case basis. You know when you have your leverage with the team and when you have no other options. For you to say that there are NEVER instances where a player signs for less than 100% is way too strong of a statement. To be so stubborn won't get you far in building a relationship with any scouts. Scott Boras is not one of the best at his profession because he is stubborn. He is one of the best because he does his research and presents a solid explanation for why his guys deserve the money. He would never make the statement you just made, though.

Darren – Juniors have the leverage. They have leverage with the teams and the school.
That is why teams will give up paying for school. Have you ever encountered a draft pick where the school has not paid for school?

Personally, we have not advised any underclassmen to sign without a stipend for schooling, but if you think that there are no juniors out there who sign without that stipend (especially ones without advisors), then you're wrong.

Last night, Parise threw 2 perfect innings and struck out 1 to keep Memphis in the game. They were down 3-1 at the time. Memphis came back to win 6-3. Parise has now gone 2.2 innings in AAA with no runs allowed.

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