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Outline of Pedro’s New Deal


Jayson Stark of ESPN received inside information on Pedro Martinez‘s new contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. The contract is full of incentives and looks as though it will force Pedro to work in order to get paid more money. Here is the low-down:

  • The deal has a prorated $2 million base salary
  • SP and reliever incentives
  • Pedro will be paid a bonus after every 5th start and he will receive $15,000 for every 15th day he is on the active roster
  • He could receive more $$ depending if he receives any awards
  • A possible $1.275 million is able to be earned on top of the base

I think Pedro will be a great addition to the Phils (coming from a critical Phillies fan). I am hesitant to say if he will have a major impact but who knows; the only thing I know is that Pedro looks ready for a fresh start and he is ready to work.