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When Will Jenkins Come Marching In?

Malcolmn Jenkins

First round NFL deals are moving along slower than a snail’s pace.  We saw this coming, though.  That said, New Orleans Saints fans are not happy that their first round pick, Malcolm Jenkins, continues to sit out of camp.  Their unhappiness is amplified by the fact that Brian Orakpo (picked before Jenkins) and Brian Cushing (picked after Jenkins) have already signed with their respective teams and have been reporting to camp.

Jenkins, Orakpo, and Cushing are all represented by the crew over at CAA, so as long as the Jenkins deal falls somewhere in between Orakpo’s and Cushing’s, CAA should not take a hit in the image department (something that rival agency, Athletes First, is apparently waiting on to use on the recruiting tour for next year’s class of rookies).  Maybe CAA wants the contract to be front-loaded.  I discussed the benefits of a large 3-year total (3YT) earlier today, which could be a vital negotiating point between the parties.

At least Saints GM, Mickey Loomis, is encouraged by the fact that he has a history of working out deals with CAA’s football agents.

By Darren Heitner

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