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Jimmy Sexton Speaks About Some Of His Clients

Jimmy Sexton

I am a sports agent, but I am also a fan of my home teams.  That’s why, to this day, I have a problem with Nick Saban.  He bailed out on my Dolphins after he said there was no way that he was leaving.  I should have known not to trust him, since he did the same thing to LSU before leaving the Tigers for the Fins.  Anyway, Jimmy Sexton, a very popular and successful agent, is Saban’s agent.  He also represents many other high profile NFL coaches, NFL players, and a few baseball players.  His company is Athletic Resource Management, and his website is

Sexton recently granted an interview to Kevin Scarbinsky of The Birmingham News.  Sexton says phrases like “they’re gonna take you out boots first in a pine box,” which is something that would never ever come out of my mouth.  I guess I have no hope recruiting clients in states like Alabama.  Lane Kiffin does not call Sexton, “sir”, and I am not surprised.  An interesting note is that Sexton represents two of Bobby Bowden’s assistant coaches.  Think he wants the University to push the old coach to retirement?  Sexton also has the pleasure of repping the head coach of the Dolphins and the Jets.  No bad blood between those two teams.

By Darren Heitner

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Mr Sexton,

You sexty beast you — haha.

I am here to speak on behalf of the Chicago Bears fans. We want and need the Tuna. In the wild, Bears feed off and survive on two main nutritious components when it comes to fish; their brain and belly. That’s is exactly what the Bears in Chicago need — The Tuna’s brain and the Tuna’s gut instincts.

There is no other organization with fans that will cherish and appreciate Bill like the Bears will — just think — Ditka, Butkus, Sweetness, etc. I’ve written your agency a few times, the last time being friday night — while the Bears were sitting at 3-0. At 3-0 I, along with many die-hard fans knew what we were — an inept organization ran by inept management.

Ted Philips and Jerry Angelo wore out their welcome years ago, thus the desperate need and longing for Bill Parcells. A Legend as storied as the Tuna, could only go out with a team as storied as the Chicago Bears. What’s would be more fitting than Bill going out while rebuilding a historic franchise like the Chicago Bears. Talk about stamping an already legendary and hall of fame career. AND, in Chicago, he would become immortal, and would never be forgotten. Our red carpets are full of football heroes.

Bears need Fish, We need Tuna.

A Bears Fan,
Steve Coolidge

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