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Interview With The Athlete: Clint Sintim

Clint Sintim

Clint Sintim is a versatile linebacker for the New York Giants. He was a second round draft pick in the 2009 draft out of the University of Virginia. Sintim led the NCAA in sacks in his senior year. He is represented by Profiles Sports and was able to give us a few minutes to talk about his insights on the agent business from a player’s perspective.

Richard Kimsey: How did you pick an agent coming into the NFL?

Clint Sintim: They recruit. I did my research on a guy and everything checked out and I’m with him.

RK: About how many agents were after you and how did that affect the process?

CS: I don’t know, there was a lot. I didn’t really pay many of them too much attention until after the season. Then I called back like four or five guys and made my decision.

RK: What kind of tactics did they use to recruit you?

CS: Everything. From legal to illegal to promises, everything you can imagine. You just have to weed out the good ones from the bad ones.

RK: How did a personal relationship build with the agent you chose?

CS: It’s still building. This is my first year, so we’re still building a relationship, trying to make the best out of it.

RK: How did they prepare you for the draft and your first contract?

CS: They take you to a place and have you work out. They just kind of school you on everything, school you on what to expect.

RK: What’s the most important thing an agent can do to get a player to sign with him and to keep the player happy in the future?

CS: Take care of their business. I mean at the end of the day, the biggest thing the agent does is the contract. So he gets you the most money and the smartest deal. Most of the time that’s your best agent.