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Rhodes’ Lack of Effort Could Cost Him

kerry rhodes

I’m sure that the news about the New York Jets‘ benching safety Kerry Rhodes is old at this point. However, a new story has surfaced in the midst of his changing position to pine pony. When Rhodes signed his contract with the Jets, the signing bonus and base salary were apparently only guaranteed for an injury, not skill. What this means is that since Rhodes is benched, it is becoming increasingly likely that the Jets will cut him. If they do that, Rhodes is out $4.78 million.

  • Signing Bonus = $2 million
  • Base Salary = $2.78 million

Do not think for one second that Rhodes is the victim here. His lackluster play is far from acceptable. Many have noticed that he is not putting in the 110% that he should. I feel that this is a good thing on the Jets’ part. There is nothing worse than a player who plays poorly and still gets paid what he would if he were playing normally. It is unfair to the other players and unfair to the team.