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Things Could Get Iffy for Broncos and Dumervil

elvis dumervil

Elvis Dumervil has emerged this season as one of the top linebackers in the NFL. He has a league-high 15 sacks and is undoubtedly a huge part of the Denver Broncos team.

Dumervil’s rookie contact from 2006 is set to expire after this season. Usually in the NFL, a young player will get a shot to impress. If he impresses, the player may get offers from several teams when he becomes an unrestricted free agent. However, seeing as there is no labor deal in place yet, Dumervil will be a restricted free agent. Free agency can get a tad confusing so let me break it down for you.

A restricted free agent is defined in the NFL CBA as:

A veteran who has three or more Accrued Seasons and who completes performance of his Player Contract, but who is still subject to a Right of First Refusal and/or Draft Choice Compensation in favor of his Prior Club.

The Right of First Refusal basically means that the Broncos have the option to match any offer given to Dumervil by another team. Draft Choice Compensation means that the Broncos can opt to receive draft picks from another team instead of matching the offer.

As of right now, it is unclear when a new labor agreement will be signed.

2 replies on “Things Could Get Iffy for Broncos and Dumervil”

Isn’t this great for the Broncos and not iffy? Denver either re-signs Dummervil or they’ll get 2 first round picks. If the CBA remained in place they could have lost Dummervil for nothing. Now they have insurance if he leaves. Oh and they don’t have to worry about fitting him under the cap since a cap no longer exists. I think this is a win-win-win for the Broncos.

I think you are reading into the title way too much. The whole situation is “iffy.” Not just on the Broncos’ end. However, that is beside the point.

My question to you is what makes you think the Broncos are going to get 2 first round picks? Dumervil is a great player and all but I sure as hell wouldn’t throw away my 1st round pick for this year and next year.

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