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White Sox and Putz Make a Deal

j.j. putzAfter having a bone spurs removed from his elbow, J.J. Putz is still rehabbing the injury. However, White Sox management has been monitoring Putz for “quite some time” and are confident that he will be able to fulfill his duties.

Putz’s deal is worth $3 million and is for just 1 year. If Putz closes all of the games this season, he will earn an additional $3.25 million.

Two things come to mind when I look at this deal. The first is the amount of money Putz can receive if he does indeed close all of those games (which is a great amount). The other thing worries me a bit and the question I have is regarding his durability. Is there a high chance of a guy who just had elbow surgery to go out there and close every game for the White Sox? Not so sure about that.

With all that aside, Putz can make some serious bank this season if he stays healthy. Good luck to him and the White Sox in 2010.