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DeRosa and Giants Get it Done

Free agent third basemen Mark DeRosa has found him and his family a new home. DeRosa and the San Francisco Giants agreed to a deal for a 2 year, $12 million contract on Monday.

In my opinion, the Giants are just on the cusp of being a dangerous postseason team. This move may have pushed them over the edge. They obviously have one of the most coveted pitchers in the game in Tim Lincecum. All the Giants needed was a powerful bat to bolster the middle of the lineup. DeRosa will be able to provide that solidity for them. Editors Note: I disagree with that statement.  DeRosa has always been known as the ultimate utility player.  He can not only play any infield position (other than 1B), his favorite, and possibly best position is RF.  However, there are many skeptics out there who say he does not play any one position particularly well.  He has a solid bat, but is not known for his power, so if the Giants were looking for someone to clear the bases, I’m not sure DeRosa was the right guy.

If you think about it, with all of the money being poured into players this offseason (ex. Jason Bay), the Giants got DeRosa relatively cheap.