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Astros Sign Another Ex-Phillie

At the conclusion of the 2009 MLB season, the Philadelphia Phillies chose not to re-sign two players who were widely known in the Philadelphia sports community. One of those players was starting third baseman Pedro Feliz and the other was pitcher Brett Myers.

The Houston Astros moved in and swiftly signed Pedro Feliz. Now, it is being reported that Houston has also signed Myers. Myers’ deal is said to be worth $5 million guaranteed for 1 year. Performance bonuses are also available for Myers.

One thing that Myers is known for is his history of violence towards his wife. He allegedly punched his wife on a Boston street corner. Kim Myers (wife) had the case dropped.

These two players will undoubtedly prove valuable to the Houston Astros organization. They were solid players in Philly and will be just that in Houston.

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