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Willis & Woy Signs 14 By Recruiting Regionally

Many agencies like to carve out a particular region of the country and focus almost entirely on recruiting talent from that area.  It is a good strategy that uses a recruiting budget wisely and allows you to focus on an area where you can easily visit with potential clients.  It also lowers the expense of registration.  Many states require agents, and sometimes their agencies (separately), to register as athlete agents and pay a hefty yearly fee.  I focus my recruiting efforts in Florida (where I am registered).  Bryan Swalley (a baseball agent with Dynasty), focuses on West Virginia (where he is registered).  Willis & Woy Sports Group focuses on Texas and Oklahoma.  The list of fourteen players they have signed to represent in the upcoming draft is proof of their regional focused strategy.

  • Daryl Washington, Linebacker Texas Christian University
  • Nick Sanders, Cornerback Texas Christian University
  • Marshall Newhouse, Offensive Tackle Texas Christian University
  • Rafael Priest, Cornerback Texas Christian University
  • Joseph Turner, Running Back Texas Christian University
  • Perrish Cox, Cornerback Oklahoma State University
  • Lucien Antoine, Safety Oklahoma State University
  • Patrick Lavine, Linebacker Oklahoma State University
  • Keith Toston, Running Back Oklahoma State University
  • Chris Chancellor, Cornerback Clemson University
  • Emmanuel Sanders, Wide Receiver Southern Methodist University
  • Brian Jackson, Cornerback University of Oklahoma
  • Larry Hart, Linebacker University of Central Arkansas
  • Jeff Moturi, Wide Receiver University of Texas-El Paso

A lot of TCU and a lot of OSU.  Willis & Woy Sports Group hopes that the players are able to find a good home in the NFL and join some of their other NFL clients, which include Flozell Adams, Roy Williams (the safety), and Donald Driver.

By Darren Heitner

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6 replies on “Willis & Woy Signs 14 By Recruiting Regionally”

Just received this note in my email:

“If you believe Draft Scout, here is the current projection of the 14 clients Woy has signed, and likely committed to training, for 2010:

Rd 2 = 1

Rd 3 = 1

Rd. 4-5 = 1

Rd. 6-7 = 2

Rd. 7 = 1

Rd. 7 – FA = 3

Not ranked among top 450 players: 5

Hardly worthy of a Press Release (in my opinion); nor will you “likely” recoup the estimated $15,000 – $25,000 training cost per client from this list of players.”

If they were able to recruit all of those players for only 15k that would be amazing.
The NFL is by far the hardest league to land a client. If they have 6 clients drafted one of them being a 2nd rounder, that would be an amazing accomplishment by anybody’s standards.

I agree with Bobby R. If even half those guys make a roster next year they should be all right based on the money they make off of 2nd contracts

20k (avg cost per player) x 14 players = $280,000

if one of those guys goes mid – 2nd round – commission – roughly 30k on 930k signing bonus

3rd round commision – roughly 20k

4,5,6,7 – 7 players combined – roughly 30k … thats 80k profit.

so after this year the firm is -200k …. and a player changes an agent roughly 4 times throughout career. So by the time 2nd contracts come around 80% of those guys might not be recruited by them anyway…..

just a thought

Please break down how you figure it cost 20k per athlete to sign these guys.
6 guys are in dallas/ft. worth area.
5 guys are in oklahoma
at most these guys have 5 to 7 k in these guys
thats including sales materials, cell bills, etc..
i have no idea who these guys are but it is very impressive what they did.

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