An Intern(al) Look At Becoming a Sports Agent

I apologize for not posting last week. No excuses; I will continue to post one a week, so check back each week. The past week has been a busy week. I am learning lots of information each day and having fun while doing so.

First, I’ve been watching the Caribbean World Series all week. Congratulations to Pete Parise on his performance for Puerto Rico so far. On Tuesday, he pitched a scoreless 8th inning, allowing a hit but throwing 8 of 10 pitches for strikes. On Thursday, Parise pitched the middle three innings of Puerto Rico’s 5-3 win over Mexico. He had another fine performance allowing no runs, one hit and striking out four. He also threw 28-38 pitches for strikes.

Second, I’ve also been doing a lot of research on potential clients this week. The clients were potential women’s basketball players. My task was to put together an analysis of what the player brings to the table. This was great experience. I’ve played basketball my whole life, so watching videos of highlights was not foreign to me. I watched videos of the different players to try and assess their playing skills. Numbers are one thing, but you don’t quite get the feel of whether someone can play unless you see them.

Numbers are important though. I looked up stats on the players and then compared them to what current professionals are putting up domestically and in Europe. I also assessed the strength of the conference the player played in to give context to the numbers. Hopefully my insights will help Dynasty make a decision on whether to sign these players or not.

I also researched a potential client in the MMA field and put together a dossier on her. This was interestingm as I do not follow MMA that closely. I did learn a lot about the sport from researching the fighter, though.

Third, I spent Wednesday doing research on Dynasty competitors as part of a competition analysis for Dynasty’s Marketing Plan that was to be compiled by Thursday morning. I didn’t get a chance to really start the assignment until around 10 p.m. due to class and other obligations. However, I didn’t have much to do on Thursday. I worked through the night, finishing at around 4:30. It made for a late night, but the important thing was that it was done and done well.

It was a good assignment for me to do, as well. I was able to do research on numerous sports agencies. I got a good understanding of the major players in the business, where they are located and what their strategies are. This will be helpful for potential job research at a later date.

In addition to this assignment, I also got a list of baseball prospects to keep an eye on this Spring. I’ll keep tabs of how they do for their high school teams and report back to Dynasty with the information. Hopefully one of these kids turns out to be a gem.

I also did my daily research on Dynasty clients to see what was happening with them. This past week, Dynasty client Mike Fagan won the PBA Dick Weber Open. Congratulations Mike. Also, basketball client Brandon Brown switched teams for the second time in two weeks, ending up at Kotwica Kolobrzeg SA of the Polish League.

Finally, I looked at a proposal that was given to Dynasty regarding a possible new Fantasy Sports product. Obviously, I cannot explain what it is (because of confidentiality reasons), but the concept had some potential. If it could be implemented without certain problems, the idea could take off. Again, I can’t say too much other than that. If the product ever makes it off the idea bloc or Dynasty decides to become a part of it, it will be unique to know that I got to read about it before the public.

As the weekend rolls around, I’ll probably spend it doing law school work, researching sponsors, and watching the Super Bowl. A foot of snow is expected Friday and Saturday, so there won’t be much else to do. A few of you have taken the time to email me and say hi. I appreciate it and enjoy talking to people who are in the industry or looking to get into it. If you have any suggestions on things to focus my posts on, let me know: [email protected]