An Intern(al) Look At Becoming A Sports Agent

Another week is slowly drawing to a close. Last weekend, I spent a day in NYC. It was a good weekend. I’ve seen most of the major attractions there, but I still haven’t seen the Statute of Liberty. Apparently if you want to see it, you have to get there really early in the morning and stand in line for a long time. Since I only got up at 9, I didn’t get to see it this time. Maybe next time. I did get to see some other sites, ate some great Italian food, spent some time with family and even saw a play on Broadway. My fiance wanted to see Billy Elliott. I’m no critic, so I won’t say anything about it, but I will say I didn’t fall asleep; it couldnt have been awful. Once I got back, it was back to the grind.

I started the week by making a player biography for a potential recruit. Darren was meeting with his mother this week to discuss the possibility of Dynasty representing him. My job was to create a dossier-type document filled with his information, stats and awards/accomplishments. The school website was very user-friendly in this regard. It wasn’t too difficult coming up with the information. The player seems very interested in our services, so hopefully when its time for him to make his decision, you’ll be reading a press release from us.

I also spent some time this week trying to find a potential basketball client a team overseas. I spent some time looking on for teams looking for a guard. I thought I found a perfect match with a team from Italy. So far we have not heard a response from the team. Hopefully, it is partially due to the time difference and/or partially due to the club be occupied elsewhere and they respond soon. In the meantime, I am continuing to look for a team for the player.

My other major task this week was to think of ideas for Pete Parise’s website. Darren is in the process of creating an awesome webpage for Parise. I searched other professional athlete fan sites. I also looked at some presentations regarding social media and athlete websites. Finally, I also looked at what others on the Internet were saying about the overall quality of certain athlete’s sites. From this information, I came up with a list of things to consider adding to Parise’s website. I also made a comment or two about what to avoid. Darren gave me the link to the site this morning to take a look at it. It is still a work in progress, but looks like it will be a great site once finished. If anyone wants to take a look at it so far, feel free. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know and I will pass them along.

The final project I worked on this week involved college prospects. Much like what I am doing for high school players, I was given a list of college prospects to follow this season. My job is to keep track of them during their seasons and report daily to Darren on their stats and production. I am splitting this work with another intern. For the two of us, we have close to 30 players to watch between college and high school.

As the weekend rolls around, I’ll be tracking high school and college baseball players as their seasons start. I will also be looking for a team for a basketball project. I’ll also be starting anything else that comes up along the way.

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I was wondering if you and your boss have ever thought of letting your players play basketball in China. I come from Beijing and might could support some information to you guys if you guys need.

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