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Representing The Potential 2010 NFL First Rounders

Dominic Perilli’s most recent 2010 NFL Mock Draft lists four rounds worth of predictions.  Today, I will only focus on the first round.  If the athletes are selected according to Dominic’s suggestions (which is very unlikely), it will be nice to know who represents those players as they are selected.  Thus, I have researched each player listed by Dominic in the first round and scoured the net for their current representation.  The list is below with agent’s name and company in red.

First Round

1. St. Louis Rams – Ndamukong Suh – DT – Nebraska – Roosevelt Barnes (Maximum Sports)

2. Detroit Lions – Derrick Morgan – DE – Georgia Tech – Tom Condon and Ben Dogra (CAA)

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Eric Berry – S – Tennessee – Chad Speck (Allegiant Athletic Agency)

4. Washington Redskins – Jimmy Clausen – QB – Notre Dame – Gary Wichard (Pro Tect Management)

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma – Tom Condon, Ben Dogra, and Kelli Masters (CAA & Kelli Masters Management)

6. Seattle Seahawks – Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma State – Peter Schaffer and Lamont Smith (All Pro Sports & Entertainment)

7. Cleveland Browns – Joe Haden – CB – Florida – DSI Sports

8. Oakland Raiders – Bryan Bulaga – OT – Iowa – Tom Condon and Ben Dogra (CAA)

9. Buffalo Bills – Dez Bryant – WR – Oklahoma State – Eugene Parker (Maximum Sports)

10. Denver Broncos (from Chicago) – Rolano McClain – LB – Alabama – Pat Dye (ProFiles Sports)

11. Jacksonville Jaguars – Arrelious Benn – WR – Illinois – Gary Wichard (Pro Tect Management)

12. Miami Dolphins – Jermaine Gresham – TE – Oklahoma – Tom Condon and Ben Dogra (CAA)

13. San Francisco 49ers – Taylor Mays – S – USC – Gary Wichard (Pro Tect Management)

14. Seattle Seahawks (from Denver) – C.J. Spiller – RB – Clemson – Gary Wichard (Pro Tect Management)

15. New York Giants – Brandon Spikes – LB – Florida – Terry Watson (Watson Sports Agency)

16. Tennessee Titans – Kyle Wilson – CB – Boise State – Joel Segal and Chafie Fields (BEST)

17. San Francisco 49ers (from Carolina) – Mike Iupati – OG – Idaho – Ryan Tollner (Rep 1 Sports)

18. Pittsburgh Steelers – Golden Tate – WR – Notre Dame – Todd France (FAAM)

19. Atlanta Falcons – Anthony Davis – OT – Rutgers – Sunny Shah (320 Sports)

20. Houston Texans – Earl Thomas – S – Texas – David Dunn, Joby Branion, Mark Humenik, Andrew Kessler and Justin Schulman (Athletes First)

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Aaron Hernandez – TE – Florida – David Dunn, Joby Branion, Mark Humenik, Andrew Kessler and Justin Schulman (Athletes First)

22. New England Patriots – Jahvid Best – RB – California – Tony Fleming, Mitch Frankel, Sean Kiernan and Jack Scharf (Impact Sports)

23. Green Bay Packers – Brandon Graham – DE – Michigan – Joel Segal (BEST)

24. Philadelphia Eagles – Sergio Kindle – LB – Texas – Joel Segal (BEST)

25. Baltimore Ravens – Marty Gilyard – WR – Cincinnati – Andy Simms and Nate Haber (PlayersRep)

26. Arizona Cardinals – Rob Gronkowski – TE – Arizona – Drew Rosenhaus (Rosenhaus Sports Representation)

27. Dallas Cowboys – Bruce Campbell – OT – Maryland – Drew Rosenhaus (Rosenhaus Sports Representation)

28. San Diego Chargers – Sean Weatherspoon – LB – Chargers – David Dunn, Joby Branion, Mark Humenik, Andrew Kessler and Justin Schulman (Athletes First)

29. New York Jets – Everson Griffen – DE – USC – Gary Wichard (Pro Tect Management)

30. Minnesota Vikings – Donovan Warren – CB – Michigan – Drew Rosenhaus (Rosenhaus Sports Representation)

31. Indianapolis Colts – Jason Pierre-Paul – DE – South Florida – Drew Rosenhaus (Rosenhaus Sports Representation)

32. New Orleans Saints – Maurkice Pouncey – C – Florida – Joel Segal and Chafie Fields (BEST)


  • Anyone have anything to add about DSI Sports (the company that Joe Haden signed with)?  I cannot seem to find anything regarding the agency.
  • Rosenhaus looks to break back into having a solid presence in the first round.  That said, none of his guys look like they are going to be first half of the first round mega earners.
  • Pro Tect Management is not on the same level as CAA, BEST, and Athletes First, but based on who Gary Wichard is representing this year, you would never know that his company doesn’t represent Peyton Manning, Reggie Bush, or Mark Sanchez.  Perilli has Pro Tect Management leading all agencies in first round selections.
  • Nice to see my boys Andy Simms and Nate Haber possibly breaking the first round.  PlayersRep is definitely an up-and-coming agency.  They had the unfortunate obligation of dealing with Chris Henry’s death (may he rest in peace), but have managed to still gain some great clients with that heavy burden.

By Darren Heitner

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22 replies on “Representing The Potential 2010 NFL First Rounders”

Good stuff, Darren … CAA seemed to have more potential 1st rounders last year. I tried looking up Haden’s reps but couldn’t find anything either. I have and would like to see if he has an interest in a site.

That’s a nice piece of property. The NFLPA does not yet have anyone on record as Haden’s agent. I can’t find a thing on DSI Sports, and everyone I ask has no answer.

DSI is run by 2 ex-Wallstreet, Ivy League guys. New company, but I’m sure they’ll be fine.

DSI- is an agency that I believe is based out of Gainesville. They have never had anyone in the draft.

Last year at South Florida’s Pro day they were wearing these stupid hats and dapping other USF players stating to other agents that they are going to take over Florida.

According to some inside sources someone by the Name of Malkif shareef has something to do with it and even one of the parties involved witht he Company is Brandon Minor (RB-Michigan’s cousin) who Brandon (smart enough) decided not to have these guys rep him.

It is my opinion that Joe Hade will not be represented by DSI during his contract negotiations due to some agent probably stealing him which in this case would be in his best interest.

Once he drops in the draft due to poor representation hopefully other future prospects Learn from his mistakes.


On a slightly different note, I was wondering if the so called “quarterback gurus” have exclusive deals with agents. I would have assumed that they did, but in watching a video on Tebow put out by George Whitfield I noticed that he trained Tony Pike, Donovan Poterie, and Rusty Smith. I think Pike and Smith are represented by Rep1 Sports and Porterie is represented by JR Rickert.

I think that many agents have strong relationships with particular QB gurus, but to go exclusive with anybody is a very risky tactic. If the QB does not feel comfortable with that QB guru or has his own preference, how is the agent going to say, “No, you have to go with my guy!”

Thanks, I would imagine that the same is true for trainers (i.e. athletes performance, velocity sports, Tom Shaw, etc.)

Joe Haden’s agent is now known – Malik Hafeez Shareef of Roanoke, VA.

No clients in the NFL. Certified in Sept. 2007. One SRA in last year’s NFL draft for Brandon Whittington of Purdue, who failed to sign an NFL contract.

That SRA was joint with David Robinson of Pittsburgh, PA (also certified in 2007, and also no clients in NFL)

The Haden SRA is not joint.

Can you please send me a list of 2nd and 3rd round prospective draft pick and their agents?


Also, do you by chance have Terry Watson’s email address?

Is there any way to find out who the small school guys signed with? Im specifically looking for agents for Pat Pashcall RB North Dakota State, John Skelton QB Fordham, Al Jackson WR Cal (Pa.)??

Every agency has a first client. DSI happened to get the best cornerback/kid to ever play at Florida. He was well represented at the draft before and after. The young men have done a bang up job! So maybe they ARE going to takeover Florida!

Gary Wichard is a beast in business, dude is super sharp, and he loves to drink our Jasmine Pearl Green Tea, his staff is great and his personal secretary is one of the nicest people you will ever meet she makes is a close nit family at Pro Tec

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