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The Start Of Spring Training Play For Pete Parise

In 10 minutes, the St. Louis Cardinals will take the field for their first game of Spring Training vs. the New York Mets.  Pete Parise is not on the traveling roster for today’s game, so he will not be reporting to St. Lucie, but neither are a majority of the Cardinals pitchers.  Parise threw some batting practice yesterday and will use today as a day of rest.  Sometime soon, we will have the opportunity to see Parise face Major League batters.  Based on his Winter experience, there are a lot of people who cannot wait to see Parise’s stuff on the mound against the opposition this Spring.

Earlier today, Dustin Mattison of looked at some of the best players in the Cardinals organization that played in the Winter leagues.  Right at the top of his list is Parise.

The player that helped himself the most had to be Pete Parise. Not only was he named to the 2010 Caribbean Series All-Tournament team but reportedly he added velocity to his fastball. His effort has gotten the attention of the team’s front office and he is getting a look this spring.

After a solid Puerto Rican League season, the right-hander saved his best for the Caribbean Series. In six shutout innings, he struck seven while not allowing a walk.

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6 replies on “The Start Of Spring Training Play For Pete Parise”

how can you have non exclusive deal with a equipment? Either they pay you to wear their stuff or they don’t, correct?

– bobby

Incorrect. At this point, Pete is getting outfitted with whatever he needs. We are diligenly working on getting him a paying opportunity, which will undoubtedly be based on how he performs this Spring Training.

From my days of being around the game, players usually are giving contracts which include equipment and apparel. Some of these contracts include “catalog” money towards their affiliate companies. Nowadays, companies are only giving out equipment because of hard economic changes. But if a guy is on the roster on a NRI, its usually easier to work out a deal. Not so much based on performance during the spring, or many big leaugers wouldn’t have anything (since spring stats are skewed). What does non-exclusive mean? because in the picture it looks as if Pete is using a Rawlings mitt.

We have worked out those types of contracts with clients. Actually, even though the economy is not in its best shape, we are still finding companies willing to give out equipment + money. As far as Pete is concerned, he does not have a deal with Rawlings. That was a mitt we bought for him last year. I cannot get into the terms of the non-exclusive deals we have in place, but Pete is benefiting from receiving some free equipment.

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