An Intern(al) Look at Becoming A Sports Agent

This week has been anything but a break, even though I haven’t had class because of Spring Break. Although it was nice not to have to read for class everyday, there was still plenty of other stuff to do. I spent much of this week studying for the MPRE exam. For those of you with a legal background, you’d know that is the ethics portion of the Bar exam. I slated to take the exam tomorrow morning. I took the required Professional Responsibility class late, so I am only sitting for the MPRE exam now. The actual class at my school doesn’t actually teach much of what is on the exam, so I’ve spent the past week learning it myself. In addition, I am in Widener’s Hugh Pearce mock trial competition next week. I am representing a drug dealer. I also spent the week studying my packet of depositions and interviews for the competition. So wish me luck for both events.

Besides school related matters, I also did numerous tasks for Dynasty. I spent much of the week researching contacts for several sports equipment companies that Darren had given me so that we could potentially get some bats, gloves, etc. sent to our players. He also asked me to start working on finding baseball card deals for our players. There were several companies where I couldn’t find anything but a generic consumer email as a way to contact the company. I used the generic email. I am hoping to hear back from someone soon. Hopefully this information leads to our guys getting some great products to use during spring training and beyond. So far I have only heard back from one inquiry that I made regarding baseball cards. Panini America (formerly Donruss) responded to our inquiry that it only puts out one baseball product each year and it is in the fall. However, the women was familiar with our company and seemed to indicate that we may possibly get our guys come baseball cards this Fall.

I did manage to find a contact from a bat company on LinkedIn. Joining the different groups related to baseball, and sports in general, can be very valuable. It has led a contact with a bat company. The company has supplied 2 bats to our players so far. Hopefully this is the beginning of a good relationship with them. However, I am not stopping at this one bat company. There are a few other bat companies that I’ve been trying to contact, to no avail so far. If I do not hear a response back from the emails I sent this week, the next step is to call and try to talk to someone on the phone. In today’s email age, sometimes the best way to make a contact is actually via the telephone.

Other than trying to make equipment and baseball card contacts, I also did my daily updates on college players we are targeting. I emailed a few of the teams that these individuals play on to try to get them to update their statistics. Most schools update daily, but some of the smaller schools have not yet updated their scores and stats. In addition, I realized that two of the players on our watch list play relatively locally to my location in Harrisburg, Pa. One is actually playing an away game at my alma mater Lebanon Valley College in April. I am planning on at least getting to that game and perhaps more. The other individual is playing about an hour north of me near Williamsport, PA. When I indicated that I would be willing to see these guys and get some tape, Dynasty seemed happy for me to go meet the players. I have a new MinoFlip HD video camera that I want to try out and this would be the perfect opportunity.

One final note, yesterday marked the beginning of Spring Training games for most teams. Good luck to all our players as they begin a very promising baseball season for Dynasty. That about sums up my week. I am off to continue studying. Have a great weekend.

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