2010 WNBA Draft Prospects: Epiphanny Prince and Alysha Clark

“If you’ve given the greatest effort that you can expect of yourself, you always get what you deserve.”  – C. Vivian Stringer

What a great quote from a great coach who knows all too well the impact and importance of effort and expectations. The voice of C. Vivian Stringer probably resonated in Epiphanny Prince’s head on several times this past summer.

Epiphanny Prince decided to forego her senior year at Rutgers to begin her professional basketball career overseas.  Briefly, she played for Spartak Moscow (the same professional team Diana Taurasi plays for in the offseason) before moving to Botas Spor of Turkey.  The choice to play overseas and forego her senior year at Rutgers was disappointing to some. Many were critical and think Prince lacked judgment.

Before leaving Rutgers, Epiphanny Prince became a top recruit in high school when she broke Cheryl Miller’s national prep record. As a guard at Rutgers, Epiphanny helped to lead the Scarlet Knights to the NCAA Championship against Tennessee in 2007.

Practice makes perfect. Playing overseas should have supported Epiphanny’s development in many of the fundamental skills. Overseas basketball is different from the United States.  Individuals privy to playing with or against Epiphanny during the offseason have stated that they see a difference.

Epiphanny Prince did what she felt was right to catapult her to the next level. The circumstances surrounding her decision are not for anyone to question. It remains to be seen how much development has taken place from playing overseas basketball, but many believe she will not disappoint the WNBA and fans.

Epiphanny Prince and Alysha Clark share two personality traits; both ladies believe in hard work and achieving goals. Alysha Clark has been on the radar in the basketball world for awhile. During high school, Alysha sustained back-to-back injuries. The most serious injury was a cracked hip. After learning of the injuries, most recruiters from national collegiate programs lost interest.

Age and determination do make a difference. Alysha rebounded from injury and continued to play basketball. She selected and signed with Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee even though Vanderbilt was an option. After signing with Belmont, Alysha led her team to the NCAA tournament.

Let’s fast forward. Alysha transferred to Middle Tennessee State University and became a Blue Raider. Presently a graduate student, Alysha is not the only Blue Raider to join the ranks of the WNBA. Some may not think highly of Amber Holt from MTSU (former teammate playing for the Connecticut Sun), but Alysha Clark’s athleticism surpasses Holt’s. Alysha Clark is one of the nation’s leading scorers in Women’s basketball. It will be interesting to see how well she plays with the most infamous players in the WNBA.

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“Individuals privy to playing with or against Epiphanny during the offseason have stated that they see a difference.”

Okay, cool — but what kind of difference? Can you be more specific? I would love to know… I can’t wait to see Piph playing in the W this summer. I have seen her in mock drafts everywhere from Top 5 to third round (which I think is nuts). So – what can you tell us??

“Alysha is not the only Blue Raider to join the ranks of the WNBA.”

I don’t believe Alysha Clark is actually playing in the WNBA *yet,* since I saw her on TV last night fouling out of her final college game in the NCAA Tournament… didn’t help my bracket either… LOL

Hello Natalie,

I can tell you that playing overseas, Epiphanny Prince has gained experience most others being drafted don’t have. She knows what to expect and what is expected of a player on the professional level. Already, she has adapted to a professional level of play. Overseas basketball is more difficult than people think.

Also, Epiphanny Prince intially played with Taurasi overseas this past summer. I’ve included a link from an article for reference.

I am writing articles on the 2010 WNBA draft prospects. These women are not playing in the WNBA *yet* is correct. The only thing standing between them and the WNBA is completing their basketball season at the collegiate level (NCAA tournaments included). The next step of the journey is playing professionally. They’ve earned it and basically have been guaranteed a spot on a team’s roster.

Alysha Clark is a first round draft prospect in the 2010 WNBA draft . It’s not a question of whether or not she’s going to the WNBA. The question is what uniform and jersey will she be wearing when the WNBA season kicks off in May?

“Presently a graduate student, Alysha is not the only Blue Raider to join the
ranks of the WNBA.”

Thanks for the comments! I think it will be interesting to see how the WNBA season progresses. I personally think the level and style of play for the women of the WNBA is changing as development improves with each draft (my opinion).

Alysha Clark was drafted in the second round.  She did not make the San Antonio roster in 2010.  She is in training camp again this year, 2011, to try again. 

@Natalie, she is in the WNBA and yes they passed over her time and time again. But now she will do what she does best, slap the taste out of the opposing teams mouths. And break every record they thought they held. It’s a suddle way of reminding those that doubt you..never should have in the first place. Go San Antonio Silver newest MVP ALYSHA CLARK!! Thought I would give a little foresight into the future paper.

The person who everybody need to look out for is Ricshanda Bickham at Nicholls State. Even though she is in the southland conference she has the skills to play in the WNBA. She will be in her last year next year.

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