An Intern(al) Look At Becoming A Sports Agent

I am submitting a post one day later than normal. For those of you expecting to see this post yesterday, I apologize. I spent yesterday doing some wedding tasks. We got our wedding registries all set up. Its the only time in my life when I spent an entire day shopping, didn’t buy anything, but was still happy at the end.

I hope everyone enjoyed SAB’s April Fool’s Day prank on Thursday. For those of you that missed it, check out the story here. I hope at least one reader believed that we actually got bought by an Indian Dog Racing Company named America’s Finest. I do believe it was more convincing than Google’s joke.

In addition to pranking readers, I also spent the week working on numerous tasks. I was involved in finalizing equipment contracts for two of our players. Basically, it involved getting specs for equipment, making sure the contracts got signed and delivered to the appropriate addresses, and making sure everything was taken care in regards to billing.

This week Pete Parise got invited to attend the two Cardinals warm up games in Minnesota. I was active in trying to get him some sort of sponsorship for these two games from two large equipment companies. However, Pete was later told that he will start the season in Memphis and not attend the warm up games. So nothing really came out of my endeavor. But I still received positive feedback that when Parise makes the MLB squad, he will quickly have an equipment deal.

My other project this week was to find one of our bowlers some sponsors. He has been on a tear in the past few weeks, and we were looking to capitalize on his success. I made some inquiries at various different companies. I still have many companies to contact, and I’m positive something will come up soon. I already received some positive feedback in certain industries. The companies are currently running marketing tests to see if the PBA is the right marketing choice. If they decide to go that route, our bowlers will definitely have some deals.

Other than that, I did my regular college updates. I had some new players added to the list. I was in contact with a few of their coaches as some of the players’ stats are harder to find than others. I also helped out another intern with his high school update by emailing some coaches.

I am also planning on going to see one of our college players, that we are tracking, play later this month. He has a game at my undergraduate alma mater, which is about 20 mins from my home. He consequently goes to the main campus of my law school as well. Hopefully I can meet him and get some good video footage.

That is about it for me this week. Until next week, I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.