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Pitcher To Watch: Kyle McPherson

Most people know about the players we represent who are very close to getting the call they are waiting for – that they are needed to add value to their club’s Major League Roster.  Those guys are Pete Parise, Gary Patchett, Clint Robinson, and Johnny Lujan.  But Dynasty also has a group of players who are below Double-A that will soon be making headlines at the top of their respective organizations.  One name to track this year is Kyle McPherson.

McPherson was the 14th round pick of the Pittsburgh Pirates back in 2007.  He started last season where he will start this year – Single-A West Virginia with the Power.  Last year, McPherson had a a 5-2 record along with 32 strikeouts and only 6 walks before he was demoted to Short-Season State College.  It surprised a lot of people, but McPherson continued to show his dominance on the mound, eventually earning the award of Pitcher of the Year for the State College Spikes.  This year, he is back at West Virginia, and many believe he will end the season nothing short of High-A Bradenton in the Florida State League.

McPherson had a strong Spring and was invited to Fall Instructs by the Pirates at the end of last year.  If the 6’3 righty can top his numbers from last year, I have no doubt that he will be rising up the Pirates organization pretty quickly.

McPherson had a lot to say at West Virginia’s Media Day.  To read Mike Whiteford’s (of the Charleston Gazette) article on McPherson’s statements from Media Day, click here.

By Darren Heitner

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A journalist wrote this about him at the end of last year..

McPherson’s ability to locate inside fastballs, some as hard as 93 mph, mixed with changeups, many below 80 mph, fooled one of the NY-PL’s most aggressive teams.

“He got strikeouts with his fastball, but he used his changeup to keep them off his fastball,” manager Gary Robinson said. “He used it just right. He sped the hitters up and then slowed it down and then sped them up. He did a great job.”

“The changeup was a devastating pitch,” McPherson said. “They are a very aggressive team and that made the fastball that much more beneficial.”

The outing extended a strong streak. McPherson, who started this year at full-season West Virginia, has lasted six innings in his past five starts. McPherson’s previous start was a no-run, seven-strikeout performance against Brooklyn on Aug. 21.

Not worried about his “stuff”

I mean no disrespect but he was drafted in 2007 and is still in A ball.
Not the progression you want to see out of player drafted in 2007. In addition, he is with the Pirates that are not stacked with quality pitching prospects.Finally, if that was a scouts comments on his ‘stuff’ I think it would be credible. Has Pirates managment talked to you about his progession or lack there of.

Hope he has a great season.

bobby r

“McPherson’s ability to locate inside fastballs, some as hard as 93 mph”

89-92mph RHP’s are a dime a dozen in the minor leagues.

Hey Daren love the t shirts. This is somewhat of a follow-up from my posts the other day. So Mcpherson is currently toiling in A ball where is virtually no money to be made or endorsements to be had.

My question today is: what exactly are the services youre providing to Kyle? Yesterday you complained about agents having to pick the tab for training and equipment on behalf of non-star athletes, so I assume you arent paying for that stuff for Kyle. Also it appears McPherson only became a Dynasty client after he was drafted/signed which means you werent involved in the bonus negotitation. So what exactly are you doing as a Player Advocate? Just wondering how it works at that level.

A player’s level does not necessarily determine his endorsements. That said, we are currently providing Kyle with the equipment he needs. I think you misunderstood my ‘rant’ from a few days ago. I do not think that athletes should have nothing given to them by their representatives. Especially players in the Minors who are making very little and need any help they can get. My beef is with players who think that they are entitled to product, training, etc. just because that is what is “common” in the industry. I am more than happy to provide Kyle with whatever he needs. If he asks me for a new car tomorrow, well that just isn’t happening (and I hope you understand that there are agents who buy their soon-to-be clients $100,000 cars – is that a good reason to hire someone?).

As an advocate for Kyle, we supply him with equipment, regularly talk with management to understand his position in the organization, handle his promotion and serve as a link between him and media entities, search for opportunities, etc.

You said ‘many were suprised’ when McP was demoted to short season. I guess my question is were you? Did you talk to management as to why he was demoted and what the future holds for him within the organization? What has management told you about him starting in A ball this year? Did management feel he was overmatched in the SAL?

Bobby Rosenberg

We were surprised at first because he was doing well in SAL with West Virginia. But we were told that we should not look at his move to State College as a demotion. Management said that they felt the talent was strong in the NYP and that it would be a good chance for McP to face some of the best young hitting prospects. From what we have been told, High A is definitely in reach for this year. The Pirates have given us many reasons to think that he is someone they prize within the organization.

Hi Darren, I noticed gary amato is no longer on your website, was he cut recently as well with your other clients? I rememer him having a sub 2 era and doing really well at his level i am shocked he was let go!! I guess this is how the business works though lol

Darren – a little free help. One good barometer to determine whether your young/lower level players are prospects; If they do not appear in an organizations top 30 prospects (Baseball America Prospect Handbook, for example) then you are NOT a prospect and you are NOT prized by the organization. You are on ORGANIZATIONAL player.

I respectfully disagree. There are many players in the Bigs who were never on a BA prospect list. You are entitled to think that McP isn’t prized by the Pirates. Thanks for the free help 🙂

Another quick question, i looked to see if i could find dan leathermans progress so far this season but did not see him on any roster of any level in the nationals organization. is he currently injured or in a different organization? i think his success story is great

hmm, im sorry to hear that… i saw him on your website so i thought you were still his agent lol. i guess my follow up is then where is he?? like do you know is he still in baseball because i hadnt seen him on any roster so im curious which team he is still playing for. thats a shame though that he left you for someone else, you guys were there for him when no other agent was willing to take a chance on him i bet…the business keeps getting dirtier and dirtier smh

If only you knew. We invested our hearts and souls into Dan. Frank Zaino was his primary agent, and he spent countless nights consoling Dan through his tough loss. We were there for him in the good and the bad, but he said he needed a change.

Unfortunately I do not know where he is. Nationals management called us recently to talk about him, but we could not respond.


Just curious about Evan Sharpley and Ben Billingsley. Do you still represent Billingsley?
What is on going with Sharpley did he make a team out of spring training?

Love the site – keep up the good work.

Bobby R

Billingsley retired from baseball. Sharpley is in Extended Spring Training. The Mariners love what he was able to do in his Rookie campaign and are now working him out as not only a first baseman, but also a catcher and outfielder.

Are you concerned as his advisor that after having a solid rookie season that he did not make a roster and is already 23 years old learning to play a new position?

Also, are the dynasty t shirts availabe for sell or for players only?


Not concerned at all. Happy that the Mariners are looking at him as someone who is valuable enough to try him at different positions. We did offer the shirts for sale in the past, and may again in the future, if there is enough interest.


I was curious – Did Dan Leatherman even go to spring training with the Nationals?


whats the word on parise? 7 day DL but hasnt pitched since april 20th?
is it more than just soreness?
– bobby

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