An Intern(al) Look At Becoming A Sports Agent

My post is back on time this week (Editor’s Note: It was submitted on time, but I have been uber busy). One good piece of news I received this week was that I passed my MPRE exam. That is the ethics portion of the Bar that attorneys must pass in order to be licensed. You usually take the exam before you graduate, leaving only the Bar once you finish school. In Pennsylvania, the required scaled score is 75. I received a 97. While not perfect, this would allow me to pass any State’s MPRE requirement. I’m glad that part is over. Only 1 month of school left and a summer’s worth of studying until I am officially a licensed attorney.

This week also marked the start of the 2010 baseball season. All is right in the world again as everyday for the next 6 months there will be at least one game to watch. I am a die hard Phillies fan and wish them all luck this year as they go for 3 straight World Series appearances. They’ve had a great opening week so far. That being said, it also marks the beginning of a busy season for Dynasty as we have 21 clients spread across 12 MLB organizations, Europe, Canada, and Independent ball. I will be tracking those minor leaguers and will be giving Darren daily updates on how they are doing.

While many clients who are in Single A and Rookie Ball don’t start the season until May or June, several of our AA and AAA clients had their first games last week. Clint Robinson went 1-3, with a Run, RBI and BB. Nick Czyz pitched 2.1 innings while not allowing a hit, run or walk and striking out 3. Congratulations guys. Keep up the good work.

Besides tracking minor leaguers and college players, I spent some time this week looking for sponsors for one of our bowling clients. I haven’t had much luck finding any non-bowling companies who were willing to make a deal. I have not tried any bowling companies, as I was not sure what companies the client was still under contract with. This week I made contact with him to figure out what companies he was still with and/or what other companies he wanted me to contact. I am still awaiting a return email from him. Hopefully I can start contacting more companies next week.

I was also involved with purchasing some bats for a client with an equipment company that we’ve been dealing with. The client wanted bats in addition to the ones he received as part of his endorsement deal. This proved more difficult that it sounds. The specifications that I was originally given did not comply with MiLB regulations and had to be changed and confirmed with the client. It also took some time to get a confirmation on what the final price would be. In the end, we ended up buying them from the company’s website. Hopefully the bats will reach the client in the next couple weeks so he can use them early in the season.

This was my first endeavor into baseball bats. I’ve always loved baseball and played baseball growing up, but stopped in high school to run track. At that age, you just use what your dad or your coach gives you. Therefore, I was not as familiar with the specifications of a bat as most would think. But you learn something new everyday as an intern. Next time the numbers won’t seem so foreign.

In addition, I also worked on a project for one of our clients. I put together a presentation which had information regarding the team and surroundings of the minor league club he was assigned to. I had previously done this for a client of Dynasty before I was an intern, as the client was playing for my home town club. In doing the project, I had no idea how rural some places are. In the previous presentation I put together, I was able to list theaters, landmarks, attractions, and other recreational activities. The current presentation involves a team that is so remote, many of these things don’t exist in the area. In fact, I did a Google Maps search of the stadium. To my surprise, I saw the stadium and then several surrounding fields. Needless to say, this presentation won’t be as in depth as my previous one.

That about sums up my week. Until my next post, have a great week.