2010 WNBA Draft

On April 8th, 2010, the WNBA held the 2010 Draft in Secaucus, New Jersey. Most of the featured prospects on Sports Agent Blog were chosen in the first or second rounds. Tina Charles of UConn was selected first and Monica Wright was selected second. All of the women featured on SAB were drafted within the first or second rounds except for Alexis Gray-Lawson (30th pick in third round). Alysha Clark was a second round pick (17th), which was surprising. The females featured on SAB were chosen because I would have recruited them. The women are intelligent, determined, and passionate about the game of basketball. Most importantly, they are taking advantage of an opportunity to demonstrate to the world the gift they were given.

The sports agent industry is a business. The client has services they are marketing to the prospective teams and leagues. The agent’s overall goal is placement of the client (services) with a professional team (buyer). The agent and team will negotiate the salary (price). The agent and the league will promote the athlete/player.

As an agent, it is very important to learn, know, and understand the client, the client’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and possible threats (personality, attitude, sportsmanship, etc.). Most athletes playing on the professional level are fulfilling a dream. A plan must be implemented that continues to build on their successes.

Writing for SAB has enlightened me as an agent. I would like to say THANK YOU to Darren for giving me the opportunity to join the SAB family. I am really enjoying writing and contributing to SAB articles.

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