An Intern(al) Look At Becoming A Sports Agent

Yesterday was another beautiful day. A great day for baseball. When I finished writing this post, I made the 30 min trip to my undergraduate alma mater to see one of our recruits play. They have one of the better college fields in the area. Coincidence may have it, he currently plays for the main campus of my law school. That means I didn’t wear either school’s logo. While it’s only a 30 minute drive away, it was the first time I’ve gone back in quite a while and was a great time.

After that, I am drove back up to Harrisburg to watch Stephen Strasburg’s home opener on City Island. He is being incredibly hyped by the media and many think he should be down in Washington right now. However, he wasn’t exactly untouchable his first time on the mound this season.

On top of that, like Darren, I am finishing up law school. I only have 2 weeks left and I can’t wait. Three finals and 1 paper to go, and I’m finally done. I spent a majority of my spare time this week finishing the paper so I can concentrate on other things and not have that in the back of my mind. However, I did do quite a bit this past week with Dynasty.

First, I’ve been tracking our minor league clients daily. Most of them are off to a great season so far. Keep up the good work. In addition, I’ve been tracking and adding guys to our college player list. Most of those guys are also having great seasons. So it looks like the future is looking bright for Dynasty.

I also worked to ensure one of our clients had batting gloves from the company he is being sponsored by before he left on a road trip this week. He had run out of gloves and needed a pair for the trip. However, we did not want to just send him a pair that Darren had in his office due to the endorsement contract he signed with a equipment company. So I called the company and had them overnight a couple pair of gloves for him to begin his trip and they got their in time. Problem averted. We are also in the process of making sure he has new spikes coming to him as well. In addition, the bat he wanted did not comport with MiLB regulations. I contacted the company and had them discuss with our client what was acceptable to comply with the regulations. Hopefully he now can pick out a comfortable model and get his bats real soon.

My other major project this week included finding contact information for basketball teams in Central America. Some of the leagues were not hard to find. However, some of the smaller countries are less organized and obviously have less resources devoted to marketing and advertising. This made it a bit more difficult to find the contact information I needed. However, I did manage to find a large majority of the required information for the teams I needed. It just took a bit longer. It also required me reaching far back into my brain and remembering some of the Spanish I learned from taking 7 semesters of it in high school and college. Google Translator does work for some things, but not for others. For instance, if the site has Flash involved, none of the text in Flash will be translated. So having some background in Spanish made things go alittle quicker.

That about sums up my week. Until next time, have a great weekend.

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