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Robert Smith To Take Teaching Skills To Hong Kong

Robert Smith will be moving across the Pacific Ocean and taking his bowling skills to Hong Kong. “The move is to start a bowling academy for Hong Kong.  Long story short, there is no sanctioning body for bowlers outside the National Team there,” Robert was quoted as saying on his Facebook page yesterday. “I have been very fortunate to be a part of the Professional Bowlers Association for the last 12 years. I need to start looking at a few other opportunities in the bowling world as well.”  Robert still hasn’t determined if he will bowl the full tour season next year.  “I’m going to take a wait and see attitude.  A lot will depend on the schedule which is due out in a few weeks.”  The move will commence sometime in July after Smith competes in the GEICO PBA Team Shootout hosted by Six Flags Great Adventure.  Smith will be competing on the 900 Global team along with Hall of Famers Walter Ray Williams Jr. and Brian Voss.  Also, on the 900 Global team is past PBA Tournament of Champions winners Michael Haugen Jr. and Steve Jaros.

Robert will be partnering with Mr. Perry Ko, who owns Contact Pro Shop in Hong Kong. Bruce Falcon of Dynasty Athlete Representation (Smith’s agent) is very excited for the opportunity presented to Robert.  “We have gone to Hong Kong the past 2 years for clinics with Mr. Ko.  This just seemed like the next logical step.  The bowlers go crazy for Robert as well as all the PBA professionals that go overseas.  This will be a great experience.”  The initial deal is done for 2 years with a 1 year option after that.  Falcon added, “We will see what happens.”  Terms of the contract were not disclosed.

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By Darren Heitner

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Hey Darren, i was wondering how baseball agencies operate like you when there is more than 1 agent. For example you have 3 baseball agents, are they responsible for recruiting and bringing in their own players? Or do you recruit players and then assign the players to one of 3 agents? Do you operate as an agent for the players, or just oversee the work of the primary agent? I was also curious who the primary agents are for your big name players like patchett parise and lugan, is it swalley? Thanks good luck in this draft

Great question John. Truthfully, there is no 1 answer for your question. Each agent is responsible for recruiting, but I also do recruiting on my end and assign them to one of the three agents. I am the primary agent for a minority of the players we represent. I do have strong relationships with each client. I am Patchett’s primary, I split the primary role with Frank Zaino on Parise, and Lujan’s primary is actually Steve Weinberg, who is not officially a part of Dynasty.

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