An Intern(al) Look at Becoming a Sports Agent

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I apologize. I’ve been busy finishing up law school. I had 6 classes this semester and so I had 6 finals to deal with. That consisted of 4 actual exams, a 25 page research paper and a take home exam that ran me 12 pages. This has been eating up most of my time the past few weeks. Also, I graduated this past Sunday, May 16th, and had family visiting to attend. In addition, I began the grueling job search. I am looking in any available areas related to sports such as athlete representation, athletic compliance, sports administration. I am also looking at traditional legal careers in the areas of real estate, estate planning, contracts, labor, anti-trust and taxation. I’ve also applied with the Navy JAG corps. With the economy still recovering, it has been a futile search so far. So if you are in the Central PA or surrounding areas and looking for such services, let me know. If nothing comes up between now and the Bar, I also contemplated returning to school to get an LLM. It is more money to spend in terms of loans, but its a small price to pay when your loans come due and you have no job. I suspect my hunt will continue for the near future. In addition, I will be beginning my Bar prep class on Monday, June 1. That means I have another week to continue my job search and enjoy myself before a grueling 8 weeks of Bar prep.

I finished my time with Dynasty by completing the daily and weekly tasks that I’ve done each week during the course of the internship. That means providing Darren with daily updates on Minor League player stats and also updating our college advisees a few times a week. I also began making bio cards for high school and college players which we are advising, to be used for the upcoming MLB Rule 4 draft. This included obtaining career statistics for the player, finding career highlights and also providing a quote or two from news stories or from coaches. I then put this information in a powerpoint slide to be used for the draft.

I also continued to act on behalf of clients for certain equipment companies. This included taking orders for batting gloves and bats and also inquiring as to what new products were available for our guys to try. One company is interested in letting a client try a new batting sleeve prototype near the end of this month.

I also took part in a conference call with the new summer interns at Dynasty. We basically introduced ourselves and told them what to expect and offered advice on how to accomplish the various tasks. Darren also informed them of what they were to be doing and also of new Dynasty business.

That pretty much sums up my last few days as a Dynasty intern. I enjoyed the experience and loved working with Darren and the other guys. While I was unable to obtain a paid position with Dynasty, I am going to continue to help out as much as I can while studying for the Bar or until another opportunity arises.

I hope everyone has enjoyed my posts and that they gave some insight on what it is like working in the industry. Thanks to everyone who read. I am going to continue contributing to in some capacity and look forward to posting in the future. I look forward to this next step in my journey for a career in the sports industry.

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You’re a good man, it was great working with you on all the projects, assignments, and tasks. Your dedication will pay off and your dreams will come true. All the best and let our paths cross in the near future.

Take care,


Thanks Wade. I appreciate the encouragement. It was also a pleasure working with you. I wish you all the best as well. Hopefully we will come across each other in this industry again soon. Keep in touch. You have my info.

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